Nirmala Convent High School

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Nirmala Convent High School
NCHS Main Gate.jpg
Nirmala Convent High School
Dadoji Kondadev Nagar, Gangapur Road
Nashik, Maharashtra, 422013
Coordinates 20°01′07″N 73°45′45″E / 20.0187°N 73.7626°E / 20.0187; 73.7626Coordinates: 20°01′07″N 73°45′45″E / 20.0187°N 73.7626°E / 20.0187; 73.7626
School type Private Co-educational
Established 1964
Founded School - 1964 Institution - 1886
Status Active
Classes Kindergarten to Std. 10th
Language English

Nirmala Convent High School (or NCHS), established in 1964, is an English medium convent school in Nashik, India. This school is located at D.K. Nagar, Gangapur Road.

Nirmala Convent is a high school imparting education from nursery (kindergarten) to tenth grade. The syllabus is based on the State Board (Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune). It is co-educational and open for students Catholic and non-Catholic. This school is equipped with a computer laboratory, an audio-visual room, a science laboratory, a library, and all modern amenities. Security of the school is enhanced by the CCTV surveillance of entire campus. A canteen provides food for the students. There is a cemented basketball court, a football ground, and a small park for students of kindergarten. It has two halls of recreation.

The current Principal is Sister Assis Fernandes. Sr. Lorna of the Eucharist was the founder Principal. The current Manager is Sr. Dominica Pereira. It is governed by the Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, led by Mother General. Its headquarters in India is at Mary Hill, Bandra, Mumbai, whose head is Sr. Eunice Menezes, a former principal of the school. The school follows the Rule of Life of the Third Order of St. Francis of Assisi.

Its Coat of Arms is a diamond-shaped shield, divided in four parts. The upper part shows the five wounds of Christ. The left part is the star, which has one end pointing up, coinciding with the plane, which shows Mother Mary. To the right is a burning lamp, which signifies the oil that soothes pain and wounds and also the flame. At the lower end is the Cross of Christ, that is the True Cross. The school's Motto is "Lvcere et Fovere". Lvcere means to illuminate, enlighten and teach by doctrine and by life examples. Fovere means warm and to stimulate and encourage.

The pedagogy of the school is Love and Welcome Acceptance. The motto of the school is "Do good, where there is good to be done".

The School offers five scholarships to the SSC passed students.

1. The Kamal Biswas Memorial Scholarship - Student securing highest marks in science.

2. Dr. Rohit Shah Scholarship - Student who stands first in the SSC Examination and the Best Outgoing student.

3. The Late Mr. S.D. Wamane Scholarship - Student securing highest marks in Marathi.

4. The Krishna Kamal Biswas Memorial Scholarship - Student securing highest marks in Mathematics.

5. Late Anapurnabai Athavle Scholarship - Girl Student securing highest marks in Mathematics.

Introduction to the School[edit]

The Congregation of the Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception was established in Goa in 1886, and in due time spread to various parts of the country. At present, it as its headquarters at Mary Hills, Bandra, Mumbai. As Franciscans, the school follows the rule of Life of the Third order of St. Francis of Assisi and hence their vocation is to be open to all categories of persons and to all forms of apostolic activity, spreading the message of the Gospel with simplicity and joy.

The Coat of Arms of our Congregation serves as the 'Arms of Faith' and the seal of our congregation.

This school, recognized by the Education Department, Govt. of Maharashtra is run by Catholic minority. It is open for all castes, religions and sects of pupils and is Co-educational. The school conducts classes from Std. I to Std. X. At the end of Std. X the pupil gives the Secondary School Certificate Exam, conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education.

Facilities provided by the School[edit]

The school has two recreation halls, where all the major events of recreation in an academic year are held. The school provides a Science Laboratory, a Computer Laboratory, a Library and Smartboards in each class for the betterment of students.

With regard to sports, the school has one playground, one football ground, a basketball court and a volleyball court. The school holds a Grand Sports Meet every alternate year, where the four student groups compete.

There are four student groups known as houses. These houses are associated with four colours. Students in each house represent it by wearing it's respective colours (uniforms).

Student Houses[edit]

The students are divided into four groups for the convenience of sport activities.

As per the Athletic Meet of 2015, the current championship is held by the Sapphire (Blue) house.

Every year several programs are held on various occasions that focus on extra-curricular and cultural activities of the students. Republic Day, Board of Honour installation ceremony, Independence Day, Teacher's Day, Christmas Tablo etc. are some important annual events held at NCHS. Besides, Grand Sports Day and Parents' Day are special events that are held alternate yearly. Every year, all the classes go for an annual picnic. 10th standard has a special educational tour, every year.

Parents meet is organized every alternate year. Here, the students are given chance to display their talents of various art-forms. The School takes the students to various tours, picnics and Social Service Camps.