Niruta Singh

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Niruta Singh
Born Niruta Singh
Darjeeling, India
Residence Mumbai, India
Nationality Nepali
Citizenship    Nepal
Occupation Actress, Singer
Years active 1994 – present
Height 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)

Niruta Singh (Nepali: निरुता सिँह) is a singer and one of the leading actresses of Nepali cinema.[1] Born in Darjeeling, she started her career with the 1993 Tulsi Ghimire classic Dakshina and later in 2001, the duo Tulsi Ghimire and Niruta Singh back with Darpan Chayya which became the highest-grossing movie of all time in Nepali Film Industry. Eventually she became popular overnight by the appreciation for her work in Darpan Chayya and made her the Top actress in Nepali Film Industry.


Niruta moved to Kathmandu after she started acting in films. Her father was a friend of director Tulsi Ghimire and it was Tulsi who brought her into the film industry with Dakshina (1993). She went on to become the only actress of the Ghimire camp, first since legendary actress Tripti Nadakar, and went on to play such hits as Rahar. Niruta had come to everyone's attention from her first film but it was another Tulsi Ghimire film Darpan Chaya that brought Niruta into the limelight. Playing a college girl with just six months remaining to live, her performance received huge appreciation and Darpan Chaya went on to become a huge blockbuster of Nepali film industry, grossing NRs 70 million in 2001, the highest collection ever for a Nepali film.[2] Along with being a very good actress, she is also a singer. She first officially recorded the title track for director Deepak Raymajhi's NTV family drama series Vansha and later sang for a music album titled Deepshikha. She took a break from acting for two years (2008–2010) for giving time to her 'little hobby' of interior designing in Mumbai.

She still haven't got married like most of the actresses in Nepalese film industry called Kollywood.[citation needed]




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