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The Nirvana bootleg recordings are a number of audio CD recordings of musical performances by the American rock band Nirvana, which were previously not officially released by the band, or under any other legal authority. The recordings consist of both live performances and outtakes from studio sessions unavailable as a legal release.


Nirvana was formed by singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987, and featured drummer Dave Grohl for the majority of the band's career. They had previously gone through a succession of drummers, most notably Chad Channing, Dale Crover and Dan Peters. Jason Everman was briefly added as a second guitarist in 1989. Pat Smear joined the band as a touring guitarist in 1993. Although Nirvana existed for less than a decade, they released four studio albums, starting with 1989's Bleach, followed by their major label breakthrough album, Nevermind in 1991. In Utero was released in 1993, just seven months prior to Cobain's death in April 1994. Also released in 1992 was Incesticide.

As Nirvana's popularity grew following the success of Nevermind, unreleased recordings of the band began to surface in the form of unofficial bootleg CDs, often originating from companies in Europe and Japan. The sound quality and album art would frequently range from appalling to appealing, sometimes sounding like and resembling something of a legitimate release. Some of the recordings came from "tape trading" circles while others may have been recorded or obtained specifically for the bootleg CD. Material was sometimes gathered from already existing vinyl bootlegs or other bootleg CDs as they became available. Additionally, songs issued only as a b-side or compilation track became frequent candidates for use as filler material. Nirvana would not see any royalties from these releases, nor would they have anything to do with their production. The first Nirvana bootleg CD was released in 1992 by Post Script, simply titled Europe 1991.[1] Since then, hundreds of recordings of concerts, demos and various unreleased material have surfaced in this format.[2][3]

The official release Incesticide was issued in late 1992, including demos, outtakes and radio sessions, some of which were previously circulating in lower quality on bootleg CDs. Despite MTV Unplugged in New York being released less than a year after the performance occurred, it would still become one of the band's most bootlegged shows. After the first several installments of the unofficial Outcesticide collection came through, the official live album From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah was released in 1996, containing various performances recorded between 1989 and 1994. It should also be noted that the official With the Lights Out box set was released in 2004, which included many rare, unreleased recordings, while the official Live at Reading debuted Nirvana's now classic 1992 Reading Festival performance in 2009, after years of endless bootlegging.

Due to the fact that there is an uncountable number of unofficial releases and their accompanying versions, below is a partial list of the most sought-after and talked about bootleg CD recordings, including the A Season in Hell Part One box set, the Into the Black box set, and the complete Outcesticide series. Since bootleg CDs are notorious for including erroneously listed information pertaining to song titles, dates and venues, the information below has omitted any false listings and replaced them with the correct information.

Outcesticide albums[edit]

The Outcesticide albums are the most well known Nirvana bootleg CD series in existence and carry a name recognition second only to Nirvana's official releases. These unofficial compilation albums consisted of live material, demo recordings, television appearances, radio performances and other various unreleased material. Although Blue Moon Records originally produced the series and manufactured multiple pressings throughout the 1990s,[4] they have been endlessly cloned, with counterfeit versions accounting for the majority of the market. Other companies to later issue the series included Darkside Records, Red Robin Records and Kobra Records, among others.

Outcesticide: In Memory of Kurt Cobain[edit]

All songs written by Kurt Cobain except where noted.

1."If You Must" 3:46
2."Downer" 1:36
3."Floyd the Barber" (original mix) 2:06
4."Paper Cuts" (original mix) 3:50
5."Spank Thru" 3:17
6."Beeswax" 2:32
7."Pen Cap Chew" 2:47
8."Blandest" 3:39
9."Polly" 2:20
10."Don't Want it All" 2:20
11."Sappy" 2:22
12."Do You Love Me?" (from Hard to Believe - originally performed by Kiss)Stanley/Ezrin/Fowley3:27
13."Been a Son" (from Blew) 2:21
14."Token Eastern Song" 3:26
15."Opinion" 1:39
16."D-7" (test mix - originally performed by the Wipers)Sage2:31
17."Breed" 3:03
18."Pay to Play" 3:21
19."Sappy" 3:24
20."Here She Comes Now" (originally performed by The Velvet Underground)Reed4:40
21."Where Did You Sleep Last Night"Traditional; Lead Belly4:58
22."Return of the Rat" (from Eight Songs for Greg Sage and The Wipers - originally performed by the Wipers)Sage2:59
23."Talk to Me" 3:21
Total length:69:57

Outcesticide II: The Needle & the Damage Done[edit]

All songs written by Kurt Cobain except where noted.

1."In Bloom" 4:30
2."Breed" 3:05
3."Help Me I'm Hungry" 2:36
4."Oh, the Guilt" 3:12
5."Smells Like Teen Spirit"Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl4:48
6."Pennyroyal Tea" 4:16
7."Closing Time"Cobain/Love/Schemel2:38
8."Heart-Shaped Box" 5:28
9."Scentless Apprentice"Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl9:43
10."Been a Son" 2:07
11."Something in the Way" 3:20
12."Negative Creep" 2:03
13."Where Did You Sleep Last Night"Traditional; Lead Belly2:26
14."Baba O'Riley" (originally performed by The Who)Townshend3:13
15."The End" (originally performed by The Doors)Morrison/Krieger/Manzarek/Densmore2:22
16."Lithium" (mix 6) 2:55
17."Dumb" 2:25
18."Molly's Lips" (originally performed by The Vaselines)Kelly/McKee2:21
19."Verse Chorus Verse" 3:07
20."The Man Who Sold the World" (originally performed by David Bowie)Bowie4:35
21."Smells Like Teen Spirit"Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl2:56
Total length:74:14

Outcesticide III: The Final Solution[edit]

All songs written by Kurt Cobain except where noted.

1."Rape Me" 2:49
2."Pennyroyal Tea" 3:54
3."Drain You" 3:47
4."Color Pictures of a Marigold" (from Pocketwatch)Grohl3:08
6."Mr. Moustache" (early version) 3:38
7."Blandest" 3:52
8."Even in His Youth" 3:14
9."Polly" 2:35
10."Smells Like Teen Spirit"Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl4:34
11."Serve the Servants" 3:24
12."Dumb" 2:37
13."tourette's" (early version) 2:09
14."Aneurysm" (early version)Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl4:43
15."Oh, the Guilt" (early version) 3:16
17."About a Girl" 2:43
18."The Money Will Roll Right In" (originally performed by Fang)Wilson/Flynn2:17
19."Verse Chorus Verse" 3:14
20."Curmudgeon" 2:51
21."High on the Hog" (originally performed by Tad)Tad2:10
22."Raunchola" 4:05
23."Beans" 1:17
Total length:74:19
  • Tracks 1-3 recorded for Nulle Part Ailleurs at Canal+, Paris, France on February 4, 1994.
  • Track 5 from an audience source recorded live at Kultur-Basar, Hanau, West Germany on November 18, 1989.
  • Tracks 6 and 7 recorded summer 1988 at Reciprocal Recording, Seattle, Washington with songs that appeared on the "Love Buzz" single. "Blandest" later appeared on With the Lights Out.
  • Tracks 8 and 9 recorded at The Music Source, Seattle, Washington in September 1989 and later appeared on With the Lights Out.
  • Track 10 recorded live at MTV Studios, New York, New York on January 10, 1992.
  • Tracks 11 and 12 recorded for Tunnel at RAI Centro di Produzione TV Studi Nomentano, Rome, Italy on February 23, 1994. "Dumb" features Melora Creager on cello.
  • Tracks 13 and 18 from an audience source recorded live at the Reading Festival, Reading, England on August 30, 1992 and later appeared in soundboard form on Live at Reading.
  • Tracks 14, 15 and 19 from an audience source recorded live at the Off Ramp Café, Seattle, Washington on November 25, 1990. The majority of the show is available on the first disc of A Season in Hell Part One.
  • Tracks 16 and 17 recorded for Nozems-a-Gogo on VPRO radio at Villa 65, Hilversum, Netherlands on November 1, 1989.
  • Track 20 from an audience source recorded live at Vooruit, Ghent, Belgium on November 23, 1991.
  • Track 21 from an audience source recorded live at Bloom, Mezzago, Italy on November 26, 1989 where Cobain performed an encore with Tad.[6]
  • Track 22 recorded live at the Community World Theatre, Tacoma, Washington on January 23, 1988 and later appeared on With the Lights Out, this track includes a Led Zeppelin cover called Moby Dick .
  • Track 23 recorded on a 4-track at the Cobain residence, Olympia, Washington in 1988 and later appeared on With the Lights Out.

Outcesticide IV: Rape of the Vaults[edit]

All songs written by Kurt Cobain except where noted.

1."Pennyroyal Tea" (Scott Litt remix) 3:38
2."Spank Thru" (from Sub Pop 200) 3:21
3."Territorial Pissings" 2:41
4."Smells Like Teen Spirit"Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl3:02
5."Rape Me" (early version) 2:48
6."Pay to Play" 3:44
7."Scoff" 3:58
8."Love Buzz" (originally performed by Shocking Blue)van Leeuwen3:10
9."Floyd the Barber" 2:28
10."Here She Comes Now" (originally performed by The Velvet Underground)Reed3:43
11."D-7" (originally performed by the Wipers)Sage3:50
12."Drain You" 3:00
13."About a Girl" 2:45
14."Lithium" 4:21
15."Blew" 2:58
16."All Apologies" (early version) 4:44
17."Radio Friendly Unit Shifter"
"My Sharona" (originally performed by The Knack)

18."Sappy" 3:32
19."Bambi Slaughter" 1:30
20."Clean Up Before She Comes" 3:04
21."Black & White Blues" 1:58
22."Montage of Heck Part 1" 5:50
23."Montage of Heck Part 2" 1:28
Total length:77:00

Outcesticide V: Disintegration[edit]

All songs written by Kurt Cobain except where noted.

1."Asking For It" (alternate mix)Love/Erlandson4:28
2."Love Buzz" (originally performed by Shocking Blue)van Leeuwen3:30
3."In His Hands" 3:14
4."Lithium" 4:07
5."Rape Me" 2:27
6."On a Plain" 2:46
7."Stain" 2:23
8."School" 2:50
9."Molly's Lips" (originally performed by The Vaselines)Kelly/McKee1:58
11."Love Buzz" (originally performed by Shocking Blue)van Leeuwen3:53
12."Floyd the Barber" 2:43
13."Downer" 2:29
14."Mexican Seafood" 2:54
15."White Lace and Strange" (originally performed by Thunder and Roses)Bond2:39
16."Spank Thru" 3:26
17."Suicide Samurai" 3:32
18."Hairspray Queen" 4:58
19."Pen Cap Chew" 4:13
20."More Than a Feeling" (originally performed by Boston)Scholz0:56
21."My Best Friend's Girl" (originally performed by The Cars)Ocasek2:24
22."Autopilot" 5:07
Total length:71:46

A Season in Hell Part One[edit]

A Season in Hell Part One
Box set by
GenreAlternative rock, grunge

A Season in Hell Part One is a bootleg CD box set manufactured in Italy and released by Banzai in 1994. The collection is housed in a matte finish, square box that also includes a 7"x7" booklet with 24 pages of photographs and information on the recordings featured in the set. Spanning the three disc, 66-track collection are two shows from 1990, several demos, some rare live material, various b-sides and compilation tracks. This is one of only two bootleg CD releases to feature the Off Ramp Café performance, and the only to feature the Town Pump show. A portion of the box set would later be officially released on With the Lights Out. In 1996, the inferior A Season In Hell Part Two was released by Razor's Edge, containing the 1994 Le Zénith show and an array of miscellaneous material, most of which was lifted from the Outcesticide series and official releases.[13]

A Season in Hell Part One, CD 1[edit]

All songs written by Kurt Cobain except where noted.

1."Aneurysm" (early version)Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl5:01
2."Oh, the Guilt" (early version) 3:27
3."Mr. Moustache" 3:26
4."Pay to Play" 3:31
5."Breed" 3:00
6."Floyd the Barber" 2:10
7."About a Girl" 3:38
8."Verse Chorus Verse" 3:20
9."In Bloom" 5:08
10."Swap Meet" 2:57
11."Been a Son" 2:10
12."Stain" 1:53
13."Blew" 4:07
14."Sappy" 3:37
15."Lithium" 3:54
16."School" 2:44
17."D-7" (originally performed by the Wipers)Sage4:42
18."Here She Comes Now" (originally performed by The Velvet Underground)Reed4:41
19."Sliver" 3:39
Total length:66:57
  • All tracks from an incomplete audience source recorded live at the Off Ramp Café, Seattle, Washington on November 25, 1990 and would be the ninth ever performance to feature Dave Grohl on drums.[14] Missing the encore.

A Season in Hell Part One, CD 2[edit]

All songs written by Kurt Cobain except where noted.

1."Love Buzz" (originally performed by Shocking Blue)van Leeuwen3:31
2."Floyd the Barber" 2:53
3."Scoff" 5:41
5."Spank Thru" 3:35
6."About a Girl" 2:44
7."Sappy" 3:00
8."School" 3:08
9."Breed" 3:36
10."Been a Son" 2:11
11."Stain" 2:43
12."Negative Creep" 2:40
13."Blew" 4:40
14."Beans" 1:24
15."Montage of Heck" (short version) 1:13
16."Spank Thru" (from Sub Pop 200) 3:21
17."About a Girl" 2:33
18."Mr. Moustache" (early version) 3:38
19."Sifting" (instrumental version) 5:28
20."Blew" (early version) 2:55
21."Do You Love Me?" (from Hard to Believe - originally performed by Kiss)Stanley/Ezrin/Fowley3:24
22."Been a Son" 2:20
23."Stain" 2:38
24."Even in His Youth" 3:15
Total length:76:18

A Season in Hell Part One, CD 3[edit]

All songs written by Kurt Cobain except where noted.

1."Polly" 2:47
2."Help Me I'm Hungry" 2:41
3."Polly" 2:39
4."About a Girl" ("Sliver" b-side) 2:28
5."Spank Thru" ("Sliver" b-side) 2:59
6."Molly's Lips" (from The Fluid split single - originally performed by The Vaselines)Kelly/McKee2:00
7."D-7" (from Hormoaning - originally performed by the Wipers)Sage3:42
8."Aneurysm" ("Smells Like Teen Spirit" b-side)Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl4:48
9."Even in His Youth" ("Smells Like Teen Spirit" b-side) 3:04
10."Talk to Me" 3:05
11."Smells Like Teen Spirit"Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl3:08
12."Something in the Way" 3:15
13."Been a Son" 1:55
14."Smells Like Teen Spirit"Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl5:02
15."Territorial Pissings" 2:40
16."Return of the Rat" (from Eight Songs for Greg Sage and The Wipers - originally performed by the Wipers)Sage3:08
17."Curmudgeon" ("Lithium" b-side) 2:59
18."Oh, the Guilt" (from The Jesus Lizard split single) 3:23
19."Sappy" (from No Alternative) 3:25
20."I Hate Myself and Want to Die" (from The Beavis & Butt-Head Experience) 2:45
21."Marigold" ("Heart-Shaped Box" b-side)Grohl2:32
22."Moist Vagina" ("All Apologies"/"Rape Me" b-side) 3:34
23."Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip" 7:31
Total length:75:32

Into the Black[edit]

Into the Black
Box set by
GenreAlternative rock, grunge

Into the Black is a six CD box set released by Tribute in 1994, which is often considered the preferred Nirvana bootleg box set due to it being compiled by a knowledgeable fan.[16] It is housed in a glossy box, including a 22-page booklet made of thick cardstock. Several recordings were obtained specifically for the set and it contains a large amount of material that had not yet surfaced up to the time of its release. The extensive 116-track collection includes demo recordings, two band-made compilations, the 1992 Reading Festival performance and BBC radio sessions from Maida Vale Studios. The set also contains two Seattle shows; the 1991 Halloween homecoming performance for their North American Nevermind tour, and their last ever American show in 1994. Following Into the Black, Tribute released the 2-CD companion piece, New Year's Eve, featuring Nirvana's 1993 performance at the Oakland Coliseum as well as the 1988 Sub Pop 200 record release show in Seattle.[17]

Ultra Rare Demos & Sessions[edit]

All songs written by Kurt Cobain except where noted.

1."If You Must" 3:54
3."Floyd the Barber" 2:07
4."Paper Cuts" 3:49
5."Spank Thru" 3:18
6."Beeswax" 2:33
7."Pen Cap Chew" 2:47
8."Beans" 1:18
9."Hairspray Queen" 4:05
10."Lithium" 4:04
11."Sappy" 3:15
12."Polly" (original mix) 2:42
13."Son of a Gun" (originally performed by The Vaselines)Kelly/McKee2:46
15."About a Girl" 2:37
16."Opinion" (includes interview with Calvin Johnson) 2:45
17."(New Wave) Polly"Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl1:48
19."Something in the Way" 3:14
20."Been a Son" 1:52
21."Polly" 2:33
22."Smells Like Teen Spirit"Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl4:34
23."Territorial Pissings" 2:40
Total length:68:36

Master Demo Recordings[edit]

All songs written by Kurt Cobain except where noted.

1."Aero Zeppelin" 4:31
2."Escalator to Hell" (short version) 0:39
3."Beeswax" 2:51
4."Mexican Seafood" 2:04
5."Pen Cap Chew" 2:59
6."Mr. Moustache" (early version) 3:37
7."Blandest" 4:03
9."Floyd the Barber" (original mix) 2:16
10."Paper Cuts" (original mix) 4:03
11."Spank Thru" 3:28
12."Sifting" (instrumental version) 5:23
13."In Bloom" 4:29
14."Breed" 3:14
15."Pay to Play" 3:31
16."Polly" (original mix) 2:52
17."Dive" (original mix)Cobain/Novoselic3:59
18."Lithium" (mix 6) 4:27
19."Sappy" 3:26
Total length:63:31
  • Tracks 1-12 from a band made compilation of songs from two Reciprocal Recording sessions on January 23, 1988 and summer 1988, with the exception of "Escalator to Hell" which was recorded on a 4-track at the Cobain residence in 1988. "Escalator to Hell", "Mr. Moustache", "Spank Thru" and "Sifting" remain unreleased.
  • Tracks 13-19 recorded at Smart Studios, Madison, Wisconsin in April 1990. They were taken from a cassette Nirvana was sending to record labels in 1990 after the original intention for release as the second Sub Pop album was scrapped.

Paramount Theatre[edit]

All songs written by Kurt Cobain except where noted.

1."Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam" (originally performed by The Vaselines)Kelly/McKee3:53
3."Drain You"
4."Floyd the Barber" 3:12
5."Smells Like Teen Spirit"Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl4:52
6."About a Girl" 3:08
7."Polly" 3:04
8."Breed" 3:35
10."Love Buzz" (originally performed by Shocking Blue)van Leeuwen3:38
11."Lithium" 4:46
12."Been a Son" 2:16
13."Negative Creep" 2:48
14."On a Plain" 3:08
15."Blew" 7:22
16."Rape Me" (early version) 2:54
17."Territorial Pissings" 2:46
18."Endless, Nameless" 6:23
Total length:72:12

Reading Festival[edit]

All songs written by Kurt Cobain except where noted.

1."Breed" 3:28
2."Drain You" 3:55
4."School" 3:13
5."Sliver" 2:15
6."In Bloom" 4:34
7."Come as You Are" 3:35
8."Lithium" 4:40
9."Smells Like Teen Spirit"Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl5:54
10."On a Plain" 3:01
11."Negative Creep" 2:55
12."Been a Son" 3:01
13."All Apologies" (early version) 3:23
14."Dumb" (early version) 2:33
15."Stay Away" 3:37
16."Territorial Pissings" 2:51
17."Smells Like Teen Spirit"Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl4:51
18."Territorial Pissings" 2:46
Total length:65:07

Last American Show Part 1[edit]

All songs written by Kurt Cobain except where noted.

1."Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" 5:17
2."Drain You" 4:10
3."Breed" 3:20
4."Serve the Servants" 3:50
5."Come as You Are" 3:24
6."Smells Like Teen Spirit"Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl4:35
7."Sliver" 2:22
8."Dumb" 2:52
9."In Bloom" 4:18
10."About a Girl" 2:50
11."Lithium" 4:34
12."Pennyroyal Tea" 3:51
13."School" 3:00
14."Polly" 3:25
15."Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle" 3:53
16."Milk It" 3:46
17."Rape Me" 2:45
18."Territorial Pissings" 6:30
19."Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam" (originally performed by The Vaselines)Kelly/McKee3:58
Total length:72:39
  • All tracks from a complete audience source recorded live at the Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, Washington on January 8, 1994, with the six final tracks of the performance featured on Last American Show Part 2.

Last American Show Part 2[edit]

All songs written by Kurt Cobain except where noted.

1."The Man Who Sold the World" (originally performed by David Bowie)Bowie5:33
2."All Apologies" 3:47
3."Scentless Apprentice"Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl3:52
4."On a Plain" 3:20
5."Heart-Shaped Box" 5:26
6."Blew" 7:26
7."Love Buzz" (originally performed by Shocking Blue)van Leewen3:19
8."About a Girl" 2:41
9."Polly" 2:38
10."Spank Thru" 3:17
11."Son of a Gun" (originally performed by The Vaselines)Kelly/McKee2:48
12."Molly's Lips" (originally performed by The Vaselines)Kelly/McKee1:50
13."D-7" (originally performed by the Wipers)Sage3:46
14."Turnaround" (originally performed by Devo)Mothersbaugh/Casale2:17
15."Dumb" 2:36
16."Drain You" 4:03
17."Endless, Nameless" 6:21
18."Endless, Nameless" (continued) 2:23
19."Courtney Love's Complete Eulogy"Love6:20
Total length:73:41
  • Tracks 1-6 from a complete audience source recorded live at the Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, Washington on January 8, 1994, with the first nineteen tracks of the performance featured on Last American Show Part 1.
  • Tracks 7-18 from BBC radio sessions recorded in 1989 and 1991 at Maida Vale Studios, London, England. The disc is defective, which causes some of the tracks to not play properly. The Complete Radio Sessions on Blue Moon Records and The Eternal Legacy released by Kiss the Stone both contain error free versions of these sessions. "Love Buzz", "About a Girl", "Polly", and "Spank Thru" remain unreleased.
  • Track 19 is Courtney Love's complete eulogy for Kurt Cobain recorded at the Seattle Center Flag Pavilion on April 10, 1994.

The Chosen Rejects[edit]

The Chosen Rejects
Box set by
ReleasedNovember 1, 2006

The Chosen Rejects[19] is a bootleg CD box set put together by JWB[20] in Italy and released November 1, 2006. The set is enclosed in 4 standard jewel cases, each of which have a separate title and cover image. Each CD also came with a track listing on the inside of the cover. This 4 disc box set holds an 80-track collection that are of soundboard quality except for track 15[21] on disc one, which is a boombox demo, and tracks 4-5, 7, 13-15, 19-20[21] on disc 4, which were recorded by audience members. The first disc also features 7 Fecal Matter demos, from the album Illiteracy Will Prevail. The bootleg was originally for sale on Discogs, however a copy has not been put up for sale since 2012, and probably never will be again due to their crackdown on sales of bootlegs.

The Chosen Rejects, CD 1, Home Demos[edit]

1."Montage Of Heck (Short)"6:27
2."Sounds of Dentage"4:35
3."Bambi Slaughter"3:17
4."Laminated Effect"2:08
6."Class Of '86"4:20
7."Blather's Log"2:32
9."Escalator To Hell" (Kurt Cobain played his guitar, recorded it backwards, and then reversed the tape.)1:53
12."Black & White Blues"2:02
13."Intro/Old Age/Low Rider"6:23
14."Montage Of Heck (Long)"33:23
15."Gypsies, Tramps & Theives"2:27
Total length:77:58

Tracks 2-8 are Fecal Matter demos, recorded in 1985. Tracks 1 and 14 are 4-Track tape collages created in 1988 that contain random snippets of sounds and clips. Tracks 10-12 are 4-Track demos recorded in 1988. Track 13 is a 4-Track demo from 1992. Track 15 is from a band practice in 1987 and is a cover of a Cher song of the same name.

The Chosen Rejects, CD 2, Studio Sessions[edit]

1."Spank Thru"3:34
2."Paper Cuts"4:13
3."Mr. Moustache"3:43
6."Ain't It A Shame"2:04
7."Even In His Youth"3:09
12."Oh, The Guilt"3:17
13."Radio Friendly Unit Shifter"3:10
14."On A Plain"3:35
15."All Apologies"4:18
16."Token Eastern Song"4:01
17."Something In The Way"3:54
18."Drain You"3:43
19."Stay Away"3:29
20."Scentless Apprentice"4:00
21."Onwards Into Countless Battles"1:19
22."Very Ape"2:22
Total length:79:00

All these tracks were recorded from between 1988 and 1993 in various locations. They are all demos excepts tracks 2, 6, 7, 11, and 17 are rough mixes.

The Chosen Rejects, CD 3, Broadcasts[edit]

1."Floyd The Barber"2:33
2."Mexican Seafood"2:08
3."Hairspray Queen"4:47
5."About A Girl"2:43
6."Love Buzz"3:21
8."Spank Thru"3:19
9."Drain You"4:05
10."Something In The Way"3:25
11."Where Did You Sleep Last Night?"5:28
12."Here She Comes Now"5:00
13."Smells Like Teen Spirit"4:57
15."Molly's Lips"1:52
17."Heart-Shaped Box"4:53
18."Rape Me"2:50
19."Pennyroyal Tea"3:33
20."Serve The Servants"3:24
22."Territorial Pissings"2:47
Total length:78:12

Tracks 1-3 were performed in 1987 at KAOS FM radio. Track 4 was performed at VPRO FM on November 1, 1989. Tracks 5-8 were performed at BBC FM October 26, 1989. Track 9 was performed September 3, 1991 at the BBC. Track 10 was performed November 9, 1991. Tracks 11,12 were performed on November 25, 1991 at VPRO FM. Track 13 was performed on SNL on January 11, 1992. Track 14 and 15 was performed at MTV on January 10, 1992. Track 16 was also performed at MTV but on September 9, 1992. Track 17 was performed on SNL September 25, 1993. Tracks 18 and 19 were performed February 4, 1994 at the Canal. Tracks 20 and 21 were performed at the Tunnel on February 23, 1994. Track 22 was performed on SNL on January 11, 1992.

The Chosen Rejects, CD 4, Live Rarities[edit]

1."If You Must"3:56
2."Pen Cap Chew"4:21
3."Big Cheese"3:45
4."Run Rabbit Run"2:08
6."Token Eastern Song"3:13
7."Son Of A Gun"2:39
8."Oh, The Guilt"3:28
9."Mr. Moustache"3:21
10."Verse Chorus Verse"3:01
12."Rape Me"2:44
14."Talk To Me"3:21
15."Where Did You Sleep Last Night?"6:35
16."Swap Meet"3:10
19."You Know You're Right"5:31
20."The Man Who Sold The World"4:54
21."Erectum/Moby Dick"3:43
Total length:77:08


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