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Nischal Basnet
Native name
निश्चल बस्नेत
Born (1980-01-17) 17 January 1980 (age 39)
ResidenceBishalnagar, chandol, Kathmandu
Other namesKale Dai
OccupationFilm Director, Actor, Producer, Singer, Dancer, Writer
Years active2012 AD
OrganizationBlack Horse Pictures Pvt. Ltd
Known forLoot, Kabaddi, Talak Jung vs Tulke, Kabaddi Kabaddi, Parva , "Loot 2",
Home townBirtamod, Nepal
Spouse(s)Swastima Khadka (17 February 2016)

Nischal Basnet (Nepali- निस्छल बस्नेत) is a Nepalese film director, actor, dancer, and singer known for his work in Nepali films. Conisdered to be one of the gamechanging director in Nepali film. Loot, the all time blockbuster directed by him in 2012, garnered positive reviews from film critics and became highest grossing Nepali film then. He is considered to be director who brought realism in Nepali films. Beside direction, he has also acted in and produced the hit 2013 film Kabaddi and produced it 2015 sequel Kabaddi Kabaddi.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] and Dui Rupaiyaan

He has written lyrics for the song Udhreko choli.[8] It was sung by himself and Indira Joshi. He has also sung (and performed) in very popular songs like Kale Dai,[9] Poko Parera,[10] Talkyo Jawani,[11] Hit Geet,[12] Thamel Bazar, Nachana Maiya and Maya Oye Oye Oye[13]

He is married with the Nepali actress Swastima Khadka. The couple is so popular among the Nepali youths that they have been lovingly called as national brother and sister-in-law in social media.



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