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The Nishan-e-Pakistan (Urdu: نشان پاکستان‎, English: Order of Pakistan) is the highest of civil awards and decorations given by the Government of Pakistan for the highest degree of service to the country and nation of Pakistan. The award was established on 19 March 1957.

The Nishan-e-Pakistan, unlike other honours, is a highly restricted and most prestigious award and is only conferred for the merit and distinguished services to the country, international community, and foreign relations. This award, like other civilian awards, is announced on 14 August each year and its investiture takes place on following 23 March. Recipients are entitled to the post-nominal NPk.

Foreign recipients of Nishan-e-Pakistan[edit]

Year Name Field Country
1960 Queen Elizabeth II Queen of the United Kingdom
(Former Queen of Pakistan)
 United Kingdomand the other Commonwealth realms
13 January 1961 Josip Broz Tito President of Yugoslavia  Yugoslavia
Dwight Eisenhower President of the United States  United States
1 August 1969 Richard Nixon[1] President of the United States  United States
1983 King Birendra King of Nepal    Nepal
23 March 1983 Aga Khan IV[2] Leader of Ismaili Muslims  France
19 May 1990 Morarji Desai[3] Prime Minister of India  India
18 September 1992 Hassanal Bolkiah[4] Sultan of Brunei Darussalam  Brunei
3 October 1992 Nelson Mandela[5][6] President of South Africa  South Africa
10 April 1999 Li Peng[7] Premier of the People's Republic of China  China
1999 Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani[8] Emir of Qatar  Qatar
21 April 2001 Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said[9] Sultan of Oman  Oman
1 February 2006 King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud[10] King of Saudi Arabia  Saudi Arabia
24 November 2006 Hu Jintao[11] President of the People's Republic of China  China
26 October 2009 Recep Tayyip Erdoğan[12] Prime Minister of Turkey  Turkey
Emperor Akihito Emperor of Japan  Japan
22 May 2013 Li Keqiang Premier of the People's Republic of China  China
21 April 2015 Xi Jinping President of the People's Republic of China  China

Recipients of the Hilal-e-Pakistan[edit]

Hilal-e-Pakistan (Crescent of Pakistan), stands second in hierarchy of civilian awards after the Nishan-E-Pakistan.

Year Name Field Country
Amin Ahmed Chief Justice of Dhaka High Court  Pakistan
1958 Emperor Haile Selassie Emperor of Ethiopia  Ethiopia
1989 Ruth Pfau Nun and Leprosy Doctor  Germany
2005 Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan  United Arab Emirates
2011 Ronald Noble[13] Secretary-General of Interpol  United States
2012 Yang Jiechi[14] Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China  China
2014 Irina Bokova Culture  Bulgaria

Recipients of the Sitara-e-Pakistan[edit]

Sitara-e-Pakistan (Star of Pakistan), stands third in hierarchy of civilian awards after the Nishan-e-Pakistan and the Hilal-e-Pakistan.

Year Name Field Country
1958 Farida Akhter  Pakistan
1958 Aslam Khattak politician/chairman, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan  Pakistan
1959 Abdus Salam scientist and Science Advisor to the Government  Pakistan
1965 Air Commodore Władysław Turowicz military scientist and engineer  Pakistan
1965 Vice-Admiral Syed Mohammad Ahsan Naval intelligence officer and Chief of Naval Staff  Pakistan
1966 A G N Kazi Chairman Water and Power Development Authority  Pakistan
1971 Rear Admiral Leslie Mungavin Naval Officer  Pakistan
1972 Chief Justice Bashiruddin Ahmed Khan Judge  Pakistan
Akhtar Hameed Khan Social scientist, he pioneered microcredit, microfinance, and rural development initiatives  Pakistan
Sandy Gall journalist  United Kingdom
Habibullah Khan Khattak for action in Burma during World War II  Pakistan
Bronte Clucas Quayle, CB, OBE, QC, for his services in drafting the Constitution of Pakistan  Australia
1991 James M. Shera, MBE Politician, Head of the International Curriculum Support Services, Education Department  United Kingdom
2006 Grace Warren surgeon, leprosy expert  Australia
2009 Greg Mortenson humanitarian, Central Asia Institute - for promoting girls' literacy and education, and establishing schools in Pakistan  United States
2008 Khaled Almaeena journalist, Saudi Gazette - Journalism  Saudi Arabia[15]
2009 An Qiguang Former Counsel General of China in Karachi for his notable services in strengthening the relations between Pakistan and China  China[16]
2012 Rowan Douglas Williams[14] Anglican bishop, Archbishop of Canterbury, public services to Pakistan  United Kingdom
2014 General C. S. Weerasooriya[17] Former Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Pakistan  Sri Lanka

Recipients of the Tamgha-e-Pakistan[edit]

Tamgha-e-Pakistan (Medal of Pakistan), stands fourth in hierarchy of civilian awards after the Nishan-e-Pakistan, Hilal-e-Pakistan, Sitara-e-Pakistan.

Year Name Field Country
1959 Sartaj Aziz Economics  Pakistan
1967 Hermanegild Marcos Antonio Drago Community  Pakistan
1968 Aslam Azhar[18] Television Broadcasting  Pakistan
1971 Ahmed Hussain A Kazi Public Service  Pakistan
1987 Neerja Harish Bhanot Public Service  India
2012 Emmanuel Nicholas Community (Education)  Sri Lanka
2012 Li Xiaolin[14] Community (Investment)  China

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