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Station building

Nishi-Mukō Station (西向日駅 Nishi-Mukō-eki?) is a train station on the Hankyu Railway Kyoto Line located in Muko, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.



The station has two side platforms serving two tracks.


In fiscal 2007, about 2,287,000 passengers started travel from this station annually.[1]

Stations next to Nishi-Mukō[edit]

« Service »
Hankyu Kyoto Line
Commutation Limited Express: no stop
Limited Express: no stop
Rapid Express: no stop
Rapid: no stop
Nagaoka-Tenjin   Semi-Express   Higashi-Mukō
Nagaoka-Tenjin   Local   Higashi-Mukō


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Coordinates: 34°56′22″N 135°42′10″E / 34.9394°N 135.7029°E / 34.9394; 135.7029