Nishinomiya Station (Hanshin)

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Nishinomiya Station

Hanshin Nishinomiya station east side.jpg
Nishinomiya Station east entrance
LocationTanakachō, Nishinomiya, Hyōgo
Coordinates34°44′12.68″N 135°20′17.67″E / 34.7368556°N 135.3382417°E / 34.7368556; 135.3382417Coordinates: 34°44′12.68″N 135°20′17.67″E / 34.7368556°N 135.3382417°E / 34.7368556; 135.3382417
Operated byHanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Line(s)Main Line
  • Bus terminal

Nishinomiya Station (西宮駅, Nishinomiya eki) is a railway station on the Hanshin Electric Railway Main Line in Nishinomiya, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. The station is called "Hanshin Nishinomiya" or "Han-Nishi" to distinguish the name from Nishinomiya Station on the JR West Tōkaidō Line (JR Kōbe Line) and Nishinomiya-kitaguchi Station on Hankyu Railway.


Track map of Nishinomiya station. (left: for Osaka and Nara)

This elevated station has 2 island platforms serving 4 tracks. 2 side tracks are located on the west side of the platforms and between 2 through tracks. The side tracks are used for express trains.

1  Main Line for Kōshien, Amagasaki, Osaka (Umeda), Namba, and Nara
2  Main Line for Kōshien, Amagasaki, Osaka (Umeda), Namba, and Nara
3  Main Line for Kobe (Sannomiya), Akashi, and Himeji
4  Main Line for Kobe (Sannomiya), Akashi, and Himeji


Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Main Line
Imazu   Local   Kōroen
Imazu   Express   Terminus
Imazu (on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays)
  Rapid Express   Ashiya
Morning Limited Express for Umeda: Does not stop at this station
Kōshien (except eastbound in the morning on weekdays)
  Limited Express
Through Limited Express