Nissan Bevel

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Nissan Bevel
Manufacturer Nissan
Production 2007 (concept only)
Body and chassis
Class Full-size crossover SUV
Body style 4-door van
Engine Nissan 2.5-liter V6 HEV
Wheelbase 115.4-inch/2931mm
Length 173.2-inch/4399mm
Width 75.0-inch/1905mm
Height 63.8-inch/1621mm

The Nissan Bevel is a concept crossover SUV unveiled at the 2007 North American International Auto Show.[1] It is of asymmetrical design, with one large driver's door, and two smaller doors on the passenger side.

Carlos Tavares, Nissan Motor Co. executive president of global product planning and design, says the Bevel is a study for 45- to 60-year-old men who like to keep lots of tools in their vehicle, transport things, do projects outside the house and only rarely carry passengers. The owner would be driving alone 90 percent of the time, Tavares imagines.

Nissan has no specific plan to produce the Bevel, but inform future models.[2]


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