Nissan Diesel Space Runner RM

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Nissan Diesel Space Runner RM
SeibuBus A7-226.jpg
Manufacturer Nissan Diesel
Production 1975–2010
Body and chassis
Class Complete bus
Bus chassis
Body style Single-decker bus
Doors 1 or 2
Floor type Low floor
Related Nissan Diesel Space Runner RA
Engine ED6, FD6, FE6, J07E, 6M60
Transmission UD (manual), ZF (automatic)
Length 9.6 metres to 10.8 metres
Width 2.56 metres
Height 3.0 metres

The Nissan Diesel Space Runner RM (kana:日産ディーゼル・スペースランナーRM) was a medium-duty single-decker bus produced by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan Diesel (now known as UD Trucks) from 1975 until 2010. The range was only primarily available as city bus. It can be built as either a complete bus or a bus chassis.

It has a similar styling to the larger Space Runner RA that it has a rounded roof dome similar to the Space Runner RA with a double-curvature windscreen and a separately mounted destination blind.


  • RM90 (1975)
  • K-RM80 (1979)
  • P-RM81 (1984)
  • P-RB80 (1988)
  • U-RM/JM210 (1990)
  • KC-RM/JM211/250 (1995)
  • KK-RM/JM252 (1999)
  • PB-RM360 (2004)
  • PDG-RM820 (2007)


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