Nissan Diesel UA

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Nissan Diesel UA
Manufacturer Nissan Diesel
Production 1973–2005
Body and chassis
Class Complete bus
Bus chassis
Body style Single-decker bus
Doors 1 or 2 doors
Floor type Low entry
Low floor
Step entrance
Engine RE8, RF8, PD6, PE6, PF6, PP6, MD92
Transmission 5-speed manual
6-speed manual
ZF Ecoomat 5-speed automatic
Wheelbase 4.8 metres, 5.3 metres, 5.8 metres, 6.5 metres
Length 11.3 metres or 12.0 metres
Width 2.5 metres
Height 3.0 metres
Successor Nissan Diesel Space Runner RA

The Nissan Diesel UA (kana:日産ディーゼル・UA) was a full-size single-decker bus produced by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan Diesel for 32 years of production from 1973 until 2005. It can be built as either a bus chassis or an integral bus. Competitors of the UA include the Isuzu Cubic, Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star and the Hino Blue Ribbon.

U/UA (1973-1990)[edit]

  • U/UA20/30 (1973)
  • U35 (1975)
  • K-U/UA31/36 (1980)
  • P-U/UA32 (1984)
  • P-U/UA33/50 (1988)

UA (1990-2005)[edit]

One-step and Two-step

  • U-UA440/510/520 (1990)
  • KC-UA460/521 (1995)
    • KC-UA460HANkai (ERIP Hybrid, 1995)
  • NE-UA4E0 (CNG, 1996)
  • KL-UA452 (2000)


The Nissan Diesel UA Non-step is considered as one of the low floor variants, sometimes in other parts of Japan, it is known as a low entry variant. Other low floor models include the Space Runner RA and the Space Runner RM.

  • F type
    • UA460KAM (1997)
    • KC-UA460KAM (1998)
    • KL-UA272KAM (2000)
  • N type
    • KL-UA272KAM (2003)
  • G type
    • KC-UA460 (2000)
    • KL-UA452 (2000)

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