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The Nissan FM platform is a modern FR automobile layout. The name is derived from the "front midships" location of the engine, referring to the engine's center of mass being located behind the front axle centerline, shifting weight to the middle of the car, leaving the front suspension less encumbered. The engine is pushed as far back to the firewall as possible, creating a weight distribution that's close to 50:50, as well as enabling engineers to place the front wheels as close to the corners as possible for better handling. This platform debuted with the 2001 V35-series Nissan Skyline, and has been used as the basis of nearly all of Nissan's rear and all-wheel drive applications since its inception. The platform has been revised recently for use in the JDM Nissan Fuga/USDM Infiniti M35/45, being stretched in wheelbase and reinforced for additional torsional rigidity. This version is referred to as the "enhanced FM" platform.The GT-R is currently the only model built on Nissan's Premium Midship (PM) platform,an evolution of the Front Midship (FM) architecture.

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