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This article is about the Norwegian lake. For Scandinavian elf written "nisse", see tomte.
Location Nissedal, Telemark
Coordinates Coordinates: 59°10′N 8°30′E / 59.167°N 8.500°E / 59.167; 8.500
Primary inflows Vråvatn
Primary outflows Nisserelva
Basin countries Norway
Surface area 76.3 km2 (29.5 sq mi)
Max. depth 234 m (768 ft)
Water volume 7.19 km3 (5,830,000 acre·ft)
Surface elevation 246 m (807 ft)

Nisser is a lake in Norway. It is the 13th-largest lake in the nation by area with a surface area of 76.30 km², the 10th largest by volume at 7.19 km³, and the 13th deepest at 234 m. It is located in Nissedal and Kviteseid municipality[1] in Telemark county, and is Telemark’s largest lake.[2] Part of the Arendal watershed, water enters from the discharge of Vråvatn, and its outlet is the Nisserelva river.

In 1914, a canal was constructed between Nisser (which is 246 m above sea level) and Vråvatn (which is 248 m above sea level). This makes it possible to travel the 50 km long stretch from Tveitsund to Vråliosen by boat.

The Norse form of the name was Nizir - probably from an older form *Niðsær. The meaning of the name is 'the lake (sær) of the river Nið (now Nidelva (Aust-Agder))'.

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