Nisu language

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Southern Yi
Native to China
Ethnicity Yi
Native speakers
300,000 apart from Northern (2004–2007)[2]
160,000 Northern (no date)[3]
Yi logograms
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
nsd – Southern
yiv – Northern
nos – Eastern
nsv – Southwestern (duplicate or spurious code)[1]
nsf – Northwestern
Glottolog nisu1237  (Nisu–Nyisu)[4]

Nisu (Southern Yi) is a language cluster spoken by half a million Yi people of China. It is one of six Yi languages recognized by the government of China. The Yi script was traditionally used, though few can still read it.[2] According to Lama (2012), Nisu (Nishu) autonyms include ne̠˧su˥, ne̱˧su˥pʰo˨˩, and nʲe̠˧ʂu˥.


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