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Religion Buddhism
School Nichiren Buddhism
Sect Nichiren Shū
Temple Ikegami Honmon-ji
Born 1252
Died 1317
Senior posting
Title 阿闍梨 (Acharya)
Religious career
Teacher Nichiren

Nitchō (日頂, 1252 – April 19, 1317), also known as Niccho or Iyo-bo, was a Buddhist disciple of Nichiren who helped founding Ikegami Honmon-ji and Hongaku-ji.

Nitchō was the stepson of Toki Jonin. In his youth he studied Tendai Buddhism, but joined Nichiren on Jonin's recommendation, and followed him to Sado Island. He helped Nikkō found Honmon-ji.

Nitcho (日頂) is not to be confused with Nitcho (日澄) (1262-1310), who was Toki Jonin's biological son. Nitcho (日澄) became Nikko's disciple in 1300, and became the first chief instructor of Omosu Seminary in the Suruga province.[1]


  1. ^ Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism, Soka Gakkai, "Nitcho": "[日澄](1262-1310): 1300 gave his allegiance to Nikko... and became the first chief instructor of Omosu Seminary"

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