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Nite Lite Live is a Christian nightly call-in TV show in Canada hosted by Paul Willoughby. It is a programme on the Crossroads Television System (CTS). The show is 2½ hours long, commercial-free, from 2A.M. to 4:30 A.M. Eastern Time Zone. Nite Lite Live used to air seven days a week, 365 days a year, however, due to the 2009 economic recession, the show was cut back to five days a week, with re-runs being shown on the weekends. There are also frequent guest hosts.

Nite Lite Live was aimed at engaging anyone that may be facing a crisis and/or have questions regarding a specific topic. All hosts engage, listen and acknowledge their queries. Topics range from marriage, death, rejection, self-harm, the afterlife, teenagers, abuse, addictions, tragedy, old-age, illness and many more. The early AM time frame was chosen due to statistics that showed most suicides happen between these wee morning hours, and to offer a 'listening empathetic ear' and hope to whomever may be watching.

Being live, anyone can call in and speak with the hosts about any questions and/or concerns they may have in their lives; they may also ask questions regarding Christianity, the Bible, or ask for prayer, however, is not a prerequisite. There is usually a particular theme/topic of the night up for discussion which callers can comment on. Callers did not need to come from any religious affiliation to be engaged in the conversation, and come from very diverse ages, backgrounds and ethnicities.

Hosts include: Pastor Paul Willoughby (Main Host), Pastor Dominic Vitale, Pastor Jamal and Pam, Carl Sarfi, Carsten and Rosalie Schwarm and others. The call screener notifies callers that there is a '10 second delay', so in the event someone swears, their cursing is censored. This is in response to a number of crank callers calling the station and uploading to YouTube.

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