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Niter kibbeh

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Niter kibbeh
Kitfo is a minced raw beef dish that incorporates niter kibbeh and a spice blend (mitmita).
Alternative namesNiter qibe
TypeSeasoned, clarified butter
Place of originEritrea and Ethiopia
Region or stateEast Africa
Main ingredientsButter
Ingredients generally usedSpices

Niter kibbeh, or niter qibe (Amharic: ንጥር ቅቤ niṭer ḳibē), also called tesmi (in Tigrinya), is a seasoned, clarified butter used in Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. Its preparation is similar to that of ghee, but niter kibbeh is simmered with spices such as besobela (known as Ethiopian sacred basil), koseret,[1][2] fenugreek, cumin, coriander, turmeric, Ethiopian cardamom (korarima),[3] cinnamon, or nutmeg before straining, imparting a distinct, spicy aroma. The version using vegetable oil instead of butter is called yeqimem zeyet.[4]

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