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Origin Hollywood, California
Genres Heavy metal, hard rock, glam metal
Years active 1987–1993
Labels Rhino, Rampage
Associated acts C4, Holland, Nelson, Tuff, Vinnie Vincent Invasion
Past members Jim Gillette
Michael Angelo Batio
T. J. Racer
Bobby Rock
K.C. Comet
Ralph Carter
Johnny Thunder

Nitro was an American glam metal band that formed in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California in 1987[citation needed]. Formed by vocalist Jim Gillette and guitarist Michael Angelo Batio, the band released two studio albums – O.F.R. (1989) and Nitro II: H.W.D.W.S. (1991).


Nitro was officially formed in 1987 after the release of Jim Gillette's solo album Proud to Be Loud, on which Michael Angelo Batio and bassist T. J. Racer performed. Drummer Bobby Rock, previously of Vinnie Vincent Invasion, was recruited and the band began recording material for their debut album. Signed with Rhino Entertainment, Nitro released O.F.R. in 1989. Rock left the band after the recording of the album, and was replaced with K. C. Comet for the subsequent promotional tour.

After the O.F.R. Tour, Comet and founding bassist Racer departed from the band, leaving Gillette and Batio to find new members. Ralph Carter and Johnny Thunder were brought in on bass and drums respectively, and the band proceeded to record the follow-up to their debut album. Nitro II: H.W.D.W.S. was released in March 1992, after which the band broke up in 1993.

Post-Nitro, Gillette married hard rock musician Lita Ford and became a bodybuilder and Batio began and pursued a long solo career. In 1998, a collection of Nitro demos were featured on a compilation album entitled Gunnin' for Glory, which also included three songs by The Michael Angelo Band.

When asked at a Lita Ford gig if Nitro would ever get back together, Jim Gillette responded with "It would be great to do; maybe next year. It would take about six months to get back to where I would like it to be vocally."[1]

Band members[edit]

Final lineup
  • Jim Gillette – Vocals 1987-1993
  • Michael Angelo Batio – Guitar, backing vocals, keyboards 1987-1993
  • Ralph Carter – Bass guitar 1991-1993
  • Johnny Thunder – Drums 1991-1993
Former members


Studio albums
Compilation albums
  • "Freight Train" (1989)
  • "Long Way from Home" (1989)


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