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Nitrutsav 2k13 Logo.png
Type Student Run, Non-Profit Organization
Genre Cultural
Founded 2005
Place Rourkela, India
Institute National Institute of Technology Rourkela

Nitrutsav, sometimes written as NITR Utsav and popularly known as NU, is the annual cultural festival of the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. It is a three-day-long carnival held towards the beginning of March (February from 2012) every year. It is run by students and includes various cultural performances.


Nitrutsav is an inter-college fête, which commenced in 2005, has been a bigger success with each passing year and have proved to be a ball for the collaborating patrons.

It attracts a strength of 4000+ students from various engineering colleges and B-schools spread all across the breadth and span of India. Previous versions of NU have been host to many enthralling performances by bands and celebrities of international fame. Some prominent ones among them are Euphoria, Jal, Aryans, Metro, Shabd, Kailash Kher, Pritam, Javed Ali.[1]

The 2013 theme was Bollyvaganza and rolling on the reels with a salute to Bollywood. With this year´s NU logo getting a makeover, much can be expected from them this year too.



Nitrutsav conducts over 55 events in the span of 3 days, with various events in the fields of art, literature, drama, dance, music, photography and painting. Nitrutsav also holds a national video gaming competition featuring the most anticipated games like DotA, Counter-Strike, FIFA and Need for Speed. To cater to the young entrepreneurs there are even events involving business planning and stock marketing.

Nitrutsav 2012 featured events like Rockmantics, Aabra ca Dabra, La Tomatina, Roadies, Mud Kabaddi, Rangoli, Kite Fight, Paper Dance, Pronite.[2]


Spotlights are events that have been the mainstay in the Nitrutsav over the years. These events tend to draw large crowds as well as a wide array of participants. These events include NITRoadies, a fashion show, Jalwa, a talent show called, a model United Nations and a dance competition called Tear it Up.


Pronites are what Nitrutsav calls the concerts conducted during the three days of Spree. Famous musicians are invited to close each day of the fest with a bang. In the years prior, NITR has seen the likes of Jal, The Local Train, Aryans, Kailash Kher, Pritam, Javed Ali, etc.[3]


Workshops are conducted in every possible field related to culture. The workshops range from acting, graffiti, painting, sketching, movie making, creative writing etc. Each workshop has a fee and is taught by a recognized professional in the field.

Sponsors and past associates[edit]

Various corporations have sponsored Nitrutsav including Tata Docomo, Vodafone, Tata Steel, VLCC, Blackberry, Amul, Snapdeal etc.[4]

Working committee[edit]

The Nitrutsav is a fest conducted by the Literary and Cultural Society of NIT Rourkela. Every year a core committee of students is chosen by the Literary and Cultural Society of the college to oversee the smooth running of the fest. They are aided by many faculties chosen by the administration to assist them in their tasks.

The core committee looks after the all important aspects of the fest like Event Conduction, Sponsorship, Publicity, Logistics, hospitality, Design, Decoration, Accounting and Prizes. Every member of the committee is dedicated to either of these departments. The synchronization between all the working committees is taken care by the student coordinator of the fest.

To assist the core committee, a sub-core committee and a work force body is chosen forming an apex structure contributing to a students working team. The success of the fest heavily depends on the efforts and idea of the entire students working team.


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