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The Niue People's Party (also known as the Niue People's Action Party) was a political party in Niue. Founded in 1987, it was disbanded in 2003. It was, during that time, the country's only political party.

During the legislative elections held on 21 April 2002, the party won six seats[1] and supported 14 out of the 20 elected members, enabling it to take part in government.

The Niue People's Party (NPP) first entered parliament in 1996. The party won the elections of 1999 and Sani Lakatani became Premier (Chief Minister). Lakatani was succeeded in 2002 by Mititaiagimene Young Vivian, also a member of the NPP.

The party dissolved itself in 2003, following internal dissent.[2] Since then, there has been no political party in Niue.


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