Nivio Ziviani

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Nivio Ziviani
Nivio at ufmg.jpg
Nivio Ziviani at UFMG
Born (1946-08-27) August 27, 1946 (age 68)
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Residence Brazil
Nationality Brazilian
Fields Computer science
Institutions UFMG
Alma mater University of Waterloo
Doctoral advisor Gaston Gonnet
Known for Akwan Information Technologies
Miner Technology Group 
Notable awards Prêmio SBC de Mérito Científico  (2011)
Ordem Nacional do Mérito Científico - Comendador 
Nivio Ziviani

Nivio Ziviani (Belo Horizonte - Brazil, August 27, 1946) is a Professor Emeritus[1] at the Department of Computer Science of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, Canada, 1982.[2] Nivio Ziviani is well known for his research in computer science,[3] mainly focused on Information Retrieval, Algorithms and Web Recommender Systems,[4] as can be seen in his DBLP[5] and Google Scholar.[6] He is member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences[7] and the National Order of the Scientific Merit in the class Comendador .[8] In 2011 he received the Prize of Scientific Merit of the Brazilian Computer Science Society.[1] He has Erdős number 2.[9][10]

Nivio Ziviani is author of the following books about algorithms:

  • Projeto de Algoritmos Com implementações em Pascal e em C[11] (Cengage Learning, ISBN 9788522110506, Third Edition, 2010) (in Portuguese).
  • Diseño de Algoritmos com implementaciones en Pascal y C[12](Thomson Learning, ISBN 978-84-9732-538-7, 2007) (in Spanish, translated from the Portuguese version).
  • Projeto de Algoritmos Com implementações em Java e C++[13] (Thomson Learning, ISBN 85-221-0525-1, Second Edition, 2007) (in Portuguese).

He was the creator of one of the first search engines.[1] He co-founded the Miner Technology Group in 1998, which was acquired by Group Folha de São Paulo / UOL in 1999, and a search engine company called Akwan Information Technologies in 2000, which was acquired by Google Inc. in 2005[1] - an acquisition that became worldwide news. With Akwan, Google bootstrapped its R&D Center for Latin America,[14][15] which is located in Belo Horizonte. Nowadays he is also co-founder and the Chairman of the Board of Zunnit Technologies,[16] a start-up company focused on software for recommending items of interest to Web users, and co-founder of Neemu.

At UFMG he coordinates the Laboratory for Treating Information (LATIN), [16] and is co-founder of the Information Retrieval Group at UFMG. He has co-authored over 100 refereed papers and 2 books in algorithm design and information retrieval, the latter his primary area of research. Nivio Ziviani was the General Co-Chair of the 28th ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval[17] and co-founder and member of the Steering Committee of the International Conference on String Processing and Information Retrieval (SPIRE).[17][18]

Research Impact[edit]

As a result of more than 30 years teaching and researching[19] he has a great list of graduate students and research projects. One example of his research projects with great impact is the C Minimal Perfect Hashing Library (CMPH),[20] which is an open source library with more than 10,500 downloads.[21]


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