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Nix or NIX may refer to:



In science and technology[edit]


  • NIX, IATA airport code of Nioro Airport, western Mali
  • nix, ISO 639-3 code for the Hema language, spoken by the Hema people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Other uses[edit]

  • Nix Professional Building, a hospital in San Antonio, Texas
  • Nix, brand name of Permethrin (an anti-lice drug) in North America
  • "Nix", a song by Golden Boy with Miss Kittin from Or
  • Nix, a nickname for sports teams with "Phoenix" as part of their names
  • The Nix a 2017 novel by Nathan Hill.
  • a nix, or neck (water spirit), an aquatic being in Germanic folklore
  • Nix (Russian: Никс), a company responsible for making pencil cases, folders, etc.

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