Nizhal Thangal of Pambankulam

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This Thangal of Pambankulam was the seventh among the Primary Nizhal Thangals. Then immediately after participating in the celebrations in Kadambankulam, Ayya reached Pambankulam. This Thangal was situated west to Kadambankulam in the Tirunelveli-Kanyakumari National Highway east to Panakkudy.

A thangal was constructed during the 'Desa-sanjara' of Vaikundar. It was called as Pattakasalai Pathi. A landlord of Pambankulam being joyful at a success in a long-term case by the blessings of Vaikundar, requested Vaikundar that he must ask any thing so that he may donate that. Ayya asked him to donate his land for constructing a Thangal, where a house is already constructed for the land-load and is ready to open. But he at the next moment donated that land for the Thangal happily by saying that, "Ayyavukku Thanthome", which means ' It has be given to Ayya'. Even now there are two Thangals there in Pambankulam. Then Ayya returned Swamithoppe.

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