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Nkhensani Manganyi (also known as Nkhensani Nkosi) is a South African born actress turned fashion designer.


Her film acting credits include Legend of the Hidden City, Tarzan: The Epic Adventures and Kickboxer 5.

In 2000 Manganyi started the fashion house Stoned Cherrie.[1] The company developed a high profile in South Africa for its use of images of apartheid-era heroes as a recurring motif in its designs of T-shirts and cutaway tops.[2] One of the company's better-known t-shirt designs featured cover from the magazine Drum with the face of the anti-apartheid activist Stephen Biko, murdered by the state security forces in 1977, whose face remains a powerful political symbol of the resistance movement to apartheid.[3]

In 2003 Manganyi was a judge on the South African run of the television series Popstars. She commented at the time: "In the past the criticism that (Pop Stars) is heavily American influenced could be relevant, but I think our new format has helped to change that.".[2]


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