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Country  Cameroon
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)

Nkolmetet is the name of one of the villages of the Beti tribe in the Nyong ang So'o division, in the center province of Cameroon.

Nkolmetet is a combined word of two different Beti words Nkol which means hill and the word Metet which is a kind of edible plant also called in Beti yolyolo. Because of it bitterness, the plant is commonly called in Cameroon Ndole of Ewondo and Duala language; also known as bitterleaf (Vernonia amygdalina).

Some 25 years ago the late prince Zang Zambo Salomon Dessalo, a wise man of the locality, predicted Nkolmetet will be a very big town. Today the village is a district en voie to be a subdivision.

Coordinates: 3°26′N 11°46′E / 3.433°N 11.767°E / 3.433; 11.767