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Nkumba University (NKU)
ChancellorGordon Wavamunno[1]
Vice-ChancellorWilson Muyinda Mande[2]
Administrative staff
300+ (2014)
Students10,000+ (2014)
00°05′42″N 32°30′27″E / 0.09500°N 32.50750°E / 0.09500; 32.50750Coordinates: 00°05′42″N 32°30′27″E / 0.09500°N 32.50750°E / 0.09500; 32.50750

Nkumba University (NU) is a private university in Entebbe, Uganda. It was established in 1994 as part of a group of schools and colleges that originally grew from a kindergarten established in 1951. The university is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in applied business education. The university builds students on the 4Cs: Creativity, Confidence, Competence and Character. The university is not affiliated with any particular religious organization, but it accommodates several religious associations, which allow the students to fellowship along religious beliefs and to devote adequate time to God.


The university campus is located on Nkumba Hill in Wakiso District, approximately 10 kilometres (6.2 mi), by road, north-east of Entebbe International Airport,[3] along the northern shores of Lake Victoria, the second-largest fresh water body in the world. The coordinates of the university campus are 0°05'42.0"N, 32°30'27.0"E (Latitude:0.095000; Longitude:32.507500).[4]


The university is one of the largest private universities in East Africa. As of December 2011, the student body exceeded 7,000, with over 300 academic staff. The university offers courses leading to certificates, diplomas, baccalaureate degrees as well as postgraduate academic qualifications.[5] At its graduation ceremony in October 2013, 1,700 students were awarded certificates, diplomas, and degrees at a function, presided over by university Chancellor, Gordon Wavamunno.[6] The university was one of the first universities in the country to introduce the Bachelor of Science degree in petroleum studies, mineral management, and technology. The inaugural intake occurred in 2011. A master's degree in the same field is in development.[7]


On 29 July 1951, Ssalongo Kintu a local merchant, invited two of his best friends to a meeting: Charles Kisitu Ffulu, the then Parish Chief of Nkumba, and Zefania Mpanga, a civil servant who resided in the area. Their meeting led to the establishment of a kindergarten for their infants. The school opened on 6 February 1952 with twelve pupils at Ffulu's home. Within two years, the student population had grown to over 150.

The kindergarten grew into a primary (elementary) school. Over the years, the school grew into a junior secondary (middle) school and a senior secondary (high) school. In 1969, the school became a vocational school. In 1974, the name of the school was changed to the Nkumba College of Commerce and Advanced Studies. Finally in 1994, the board of trustees were approved by the Ministry of Education to transform the college into a university. This marked the beginning of Nkumba University. On 16 February 2007, Nkumba University was granted a charter by the president of Uganda upon the recommendation of the National Council for Higher Education as provided in the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001.[8]

Academic Affairs[edit]

The academic affairs of Nkumba University are organized under six constituent schools of the university.[9]

  • School of Business Administration
  • School of Education, Humanities and Sciences
  • School of Social Sciences
  • School of Law and Institute of Criminal Justice
  • School of Industrial, Commercial Art and Design
  • School of Sciences.

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