Nnabagereka of Buganda

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The Nnabagereka is the official title of the Queen consort of the Kingdom of Buganda, a traditional kingdom in modern-day Uganda. The current Nnabagereka is Sylvia Nagginda, who married Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II of Buganda on 27 August 1999.


This title is a relatively recent one, created in the 20th century. Previously, Buganda tradition had only the King's mother (the Nnamasole, "Queen mother") and one of his sisters (the Lubuga, or Queen sister) as nationally preeminent and powerful. The Nnamasole and the Lubuga each had their respective compounds in the Royal Palace, and the degree of political dominance and influence each held varied from reign to reign. The King's principal wife was meanwhile referred to as the Kaddulubaale, a title that was also held by the principal wife in any household in the kingdom.

King Chwa II (reigned 1899-1939) was the first king whose wife, Lady Irene Nnamaganda, was considered to be foremost among Buganda women. The title Nnabagereka—originally a girl's name from the Mushroom Clan—was chosen as the title of the most pre-eminent woman in the Kingdom.


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