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Carolina Noémia Abranches de Sousa Soares (20 September 1926, Catembe – 4 December 2002)[1] was a poet from Mozambique who wrote in the Portuguese language. She is also known as Vera Micaia. She is of mixed Portuguese and Bantu descent.


She was born of mixed-race heritage in Catembe, on the south side of the bay across from the capital Maputo. Her father was a descended from a Luso-Afro-Indian family from the island of Mozambique; her maternal grandfather was German.[1] Her father taught her to read at the age of four by her father, four years before he died.[1][2][3][4]

Moving to Portugal ay the age of 25, she lived in Lisbon, working as a translator from 1951 to 1964. She then left for Paris, where she worked for the local consulate of Morocco. She went back to Lisbon in 1975 and became a member of the ANOP.

She worked with several newspapers and magazines throughout her life. Some of her most notable collaborations were with Mensagem (CEI); Mensagem (Luanda); Itinerário; Notícias do Bloqueio (Porto, 1959); O Brado Africano; Moçambique 58; Vértice (Coimbra), Sul (Brazil).


  • Sangue Negro, Maputo: Associação dos Escritores Moçambicanos, 2001
   "If You Want to Know Me"


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