No, Let's Start Over

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No, Let's Start Over
Violent Femmes No Lets start over DVD.jpg
Video by
Violent Femmes
Released1986 (VHS)
March 28, 2006 (DVD)
Length52 min.
LabelChannel 5 (VHS)
Universal Music Distribution(DVD)
Violent Femmes chronology
Permanent Record: Live & Otherwise
No, Let's Start Over
Live at the Hacienda

No, Let's Start Over is a DVD released by the Violent Femmes on March 28, 2006. It documents a concert at the Lyceum Theatre, London on October 24, 1984. It was first released on VHS in the United Kingdom by Channel 5 in 1986. It was reissued on DVD in Europe by Universal Music DVD Video March 26, 2006.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "It's Gonna Rain"
  2. "Prove My Love"
  3. "Country Death Song"
  4. "Spiritual"
  5. "Confessions"
  6. "Faith"
  7. "Gimme the Car"
  8. "Black Girls"
  9. "Add it Up"
  10. "Blister in the Sun"
  11. "Kiss Off"
  12. "Kiss Off" (reprise)


With the Horns of Dilemma:


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