No. 1301 Flight RAF

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No. 1301 Flight RAF
Bristol 164 Brigand MET.3 VS820 1301 Flt Luqa 06.49 edited-2.jpg
Active31 July 1943 – 1 June 1946
14 June 1949 – 30 November 1951
RoleMeteorological reconnaissance
Garrison/HQRAF Delhi
RAF Nagpur
RAF Negombo
EquipmentBristol Blenheim IV
Hawker Hurricane IIC/IID

Bristol Brigand MET.3
North American Harvard IIB

No. 1301 (Meteorological) Flight was formed at RAF Delhi, in India, on 31 July 1943, by re-designating 2 Meteorological Flight. The flight was disbanded on 1 June 1946 at RAF Nagpur, in India. this Flight was re-formed on 14 June 1949 at RAF Negombo in Ceylon, from elements of No. 45 Squadron RAF, where it disbanded on 30 November 1951.

Allocated Aircraft[edit]

(This is a partial list)

July 1943 - June 1946[edit]

Blenheim IV Z7350

Hurricane IID HW720

June 1949 - November 1951[edit]

Bristol Brigand MET.3 VS817 VS820 (see 1949 image)

Havard IIB FT186


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