No. 147 Squadron RCAF

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No. 147 Squadron RCAF
Active 1 July 1942 - 15 March 1944
Country  Canada
Allegiance  Canada
Branch Royal Canadian Air Force
Role Bomber-Reconnaissance
Part of Western Air Command
Battle honours Pacific Coast, 1942-1944.[1]


147 Squadron RCAF was a Canadian Home War Establishment (HWE) Squadron. It was formed as part of Western Air Command (WAC) on 1 July 1942 at Sea Island, B.C. where it served as a Bomber Reconnaissance (BR) unit tasked with anti-submarine duty.[2] 147 Squadron moved to RCAF Station Tofino, B.C. in March 1943 and, with the reduced threat of Japanese action on the Canadian Pacific coast, was disbanded 15 March 1944.


Two letter Squadron code was briefly SZ from July 1942 until the use of Squadron codes was discontinued in the RCAF HWE on the 16 Oct 1942, "for security reasons".[3]


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