No. 15 Group RAF

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No. 15 Group RAF
Active 1918–1919
Country  United Kingdom
Branch Royal Air Force
Type Group Headquarters
Role Defence of the Western Approaches
Part of RAF Coastal Command
Motto(s) Dion's Buail
(Gaelic: "Protect and Attack")[1]

No. 15 Group was a group in the British Royal Air Force operational in the last year of World War I, and throughout World War II.

World War I[edit]

No. 15 Group was first formed on 1 April 1918 as No. 15 (Equipment) Group in the No. 3 Area, which became the Midland Area on 8 May 1918.[2] It was disbanded, and then reformed on 27 September 1918 as No. 15 (Aegean) Group to control 62 and 63 Wings, until finally disbanded on 1 September 1919.[1]

World War II[edit]

The unit was reformed on 15 March 1939 as No. 15 (General Reconnaissance) Group as part of RAF Coastal Command.[1] It comprised RAF Squadrons with attached Naval Air Squadrons of the Fleet Air Arm operating under RAF control. 15 Group was originally headquartered at Plymouth, with its squadrons flying patrols from bases in Cornwall, principally St Eval, until mid-1941. Its headquarters then transferred to Stranraer, with its squadrons flying from bases in Northern Ireland and western Scotland, to provide support and convoy escorts in the Western Approaches.[3] It was disbanded on 1 August 1945.[1]


The following squadrons served as part of 15 Group for some time during World War II:

A number of Fleet Air Arm squadrons were also attached to 15 Group, usually on a short-term basis:[3]

Commanding officers[edit]


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