No. 20 Squadron RAF Regiment

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No. 20 Squadron RAF Regiment
Active 1985 - 1995
Disbanded Approx 1995
Country UK
Allegiance UK/NATO
Branch Royal Air Force
Role Short Range Air Defence (SHORAD)
Size Approx 150
Motto(s) United in defence
Equipment Rapier Field Standard B1(M)

No. 20 Squadron RAF Regiment, formed approximately 1985, disbanded 1 April 1995 (re numbered as Number 15 Sqn RAF Regiment manning FSC Rapier). Based at RAF Honington, equipped with Rapier Field Standard B1(M). As part of 6 Wing RAF Regiment, its role was to defend USAF airbases in the UK.[1] A Flight was tasked to provide short range air defence (SHORAD) at RAF Alconbury, and B Flight was tasked to defend RAF Bentwaters. In August 1990, 20 Sqn was released from this role to take part in Operation Granby, deploying first to RAF Akrotiri, and then to Muharraq Airfield, Bahrain. The Squadron was among the first British ground troops in theatre, and returned to the UK in November 1990. The Sqn Leader for this deployment was Sqn Leader Bill Lacey The Sqn deployed to the Falklands in 1995 Commanding Officer for this tour was Squadron Leader Steve Abbots.


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