No. 224 Squadron IAF

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No. 224 Squadron
No. 224 Squadron crest
"The crest of the No. 224 Squadron"

4 July 1983 – 31 March 2007

31 March 2008 - Present
Role Ground attack
Precision Strike
Base Jamnagar AFS
Nickname(s) Warlords
Engagements Operation Meghdoot
Aircraft flown
Attack Mig 23MF
Jaguar IS Darin II

The No. 224 Squadron (Warlords) of the IAF was an Air Defence unit based out of Jamnagar AFS, before its disbandment in 2007. The unit was resurrected in 2008 with Jaguar Darin II aircraft and continues to operate from Jamnagar.[1]

The Crest[edit]

No.224 Sqn crest depicts a warrior on a chariot proceeding to war. The chariot signifies the weapon platforms which are highly lethal and flexible, the horse signifying the power and strength and the warrior is at high state of readiness and aiming his weapons on the enemies.


No. 224 Sqn, IAF was raised on 4 July 1983 at Airforce Station Adampur under the command of Wg Cdr RA Massey, Vr C, as a part of Western Air Command. The unit was equipped with the Mig 23MF and assigned the Air defence role, and later the Target Towing Tug role. Later it moved to Jamnagar, its MiG-23s modified to tow targets.

No.224 Sqn was the last operator of the MiG-23MF before their retirement from the Indian Air Force in 2007. The final fly past of the closing ceremony was done by Wg. Cdr. M. K. Singh, Wg. Cdr T. R. Sahu and Flt. Lt. V. T. Shelke in a three a/c victory formation and Wing Commander Rajendra Singh Jamdar flew the Banner modified aircraft with 'Adieu MiG 23 MF' painted on it before the guests. Later one aircraft was flown to the Indian Air Force Museum, Palam for preservation and a few to Pune for display.


  1. Operation Meghdoot from 1985 to 1986.[2]
  2. Operation Safed Sagar during May 1999.[3]

Awards and honours[edit]

No 224 Sqn was adjudged the best over all fighter squadron in Western Air Command during 1986-1987[2]

  1. Wg Cdr Radhakrishnan Radhish Vayusena Medal 2006 [4]
  2. Sqn Ldr SV Bal Vayusena Medal 1991 [4]
  3. WO L Jha Commendation by CAS 1997
  4. WO HS Saini Commendation by CAS 1989
  5. Sgt Tanwar RS Commendation by CAS 1988
  6. Sgt K Damodaran Commendation by CAS 1988
  7. WO Ravi Nandan Commendation by CAS 1987
  8. Sgt Sagar SC Commendation by CAS 1986


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