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The No. 41 Wing of the RAAF, is one of three other wings attached to the Royal Australian Air Force's Surveillance and Response Group, along with the No. 42, 44 & 92 Wings.[1] The No. 41 Wing Unit is divided into four sub units that are responsible for Air Surveillance both within Australia and abroad; No. 1 Radar Surveillance Unit (1RSU), No. 3 Control and Reporting Unit (3RCU), No. 114 Mobile Control and Reporting Unit (114MCRU) and the Surveillance and Control Training Unit (SACTU).[2]

No. 41 Wing RAAF
Active 1943-
Country Australia
Branch RAAF
Role Surveillance & Air Defence
Part of Surveillance & Response Group
Base RAAF Base Williamtown
Motto "Pass Not Unseen"

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