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NoAdware 4 screenshot.

NoAdware is an anti-spyware program previously known as a rogue application by Spyware Warrior. It was removed from Spyware Warrior's rogue software list in 2004. It is updated a minimum of 3-4 times per week.


NoAdware was part of COAST, the consortium of Anti-Spyware Vendors that disbanded in late 2005[1]

In early 2004, NoAdware was de-listed on Spyware Warrior's rogue antispyware list.[2][3]

The NoAdware site offers a "free trial" that will scan the system and ask for payment before removing all of the infections it has detected.


Noadware was mentioned in the May 2008 issue of Smart Computing magazine.[4] Specifically:

"An antispyware program with a free scanner, such as NoAdware, can help you find browser hijackers."

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