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NoPort Southport NC, Inc., is a grassroots organization of citizens of the lower Cape Fear region of North Carolina, formed in 2008 to oppose the development of the North Carolina International Terminal (NCIT). The NCIT project, initiated by the North Carolina State Ports Authority (NCSPA), would construct a large container terminal (megaport) on an undeveloped site on the Cape Fear River near Southport that they had purchased from Pfizer in 2006.

Site Proposed for North Carolina International Terminal (facing southwest)

Scope of Activity[edit]

NoPort Southport NC, Inc., has held public meetings in the Southport area to disseminate information regarding containership ports and potential impacts of such a containership port in the area; has developed a web site for the same purpose; and has been funded by nonprofit foundations to conduct analyses of economic and environmental issues by the University of North Carolina Wilmington faculty and volunteer consultants. The organization has been working at the local, State, and Federal levels to create awareness of various impacts of the proposed port construction on the Lower Cape Fear Region.

NoPort Activity and Response[edit]

In response to NoPort Southport's activities in opposition to the port proposal over the prior 2 years, NCSPA CEO Tom Eagar stated on May 28, 2010 that "They're a very small group. They're new to North Carolina. They're extremely biased. And, quite honestly, they're misinformed."[1]

In late June, 2010, in rapid succession, all of the six municipalities in the lower Cape Fear area adopted resolutions opposing the NCIT project; the North Carolina General Assembly passed legislation prohibiting the use of public funds for the project; and the US Congressman for the affected district, Mike McIntyre, announced his opposition to the project.[2]

As a result of overwhelming public and political opposition led by NoPort Southport, the North Carolina State Ports Authority announced on July 21, 2010 that the NCIT project was being placed "on hold" indefinitely.[3] The CEO of the State Ports Authority, Tom Eagar, attributed the suspension of the project to the superior grassroots efforts and organization of NoPort Southport.[4]

Pursuit of Alternate Opportunities at the Site[edit]

In their efforts to pursue alternative uses for the 600-acre (2.4 km2) site owned by the State Ports Authority, NoPort Southport was deemed by Brunswick County Commissioners on Aug. 2 to be "presumptuous" in that the property was owned by the NCSPA, but the commissioners appreciated their willingness to "collaborate and reach a goal".[5]

NoPort Southport NC, Inc., is a North Carolina nonprofit corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


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