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Origin Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Genres Post punk
Years active 1987–1989
Labels Ultimate Records
Au-Go-Go Records
Associated acts Whirlywirld
Hugo Klang
Orchestra of Skin and Bone
Max Q
Past members see Members section below

No were an Australian band, active during the late 1980s. They blended electronic music with nihilistic punk rock, in a similar fashion to New York's Suicide. The band included Ollie Olsen, John Murphy, Marie Hoy, Michael Sheridan, and others.[1][2] They released a self-titled 12" EP (1988) and two LPs; Glory For The Shit For Brains (1987), and Once We Were Scum, Now We Are God (1989).



  • Glory for the Shit for Brains - Ultimate Records (ULP001) (1987)
  • Once We Were Scum, Now We Are God - Au-Go-Go Records (ANDA 94) (1989)
    • First pressing of LP included 7" "200 Years"

Both albums were later issued on CD.


  • No 12" - Au Go Go Records (ANDA 88) (1988) - Cell/Are You Experienced?//Bigot/Death To The Users Of The World



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