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Not to be confused with N0 (disambiguation) (N followed by zero).

No is a word in English, which may be used as:

  • One of a pair of words, yes and no, which signal positive or negative response, respectively
  • A determiner, in noun phrases

No and variants may also refer to:

Alphanumeric symbols[edit]

  • No (kana), a letter/syllable in Japanese script
  • No symbol, a circle with a diagonal line through it
  • Numero sign (written "No." or "№"), meaning "number", preceding a number used as an identifier or ordinal value

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Film and television[edit]



  • No (album), an album by Old Man Gloom
  • No!, an album by They Might Be Giants


Other media[edit]

  • Noh or no, a style of Japanese theatre
  • Dr. No (novel), a 1958 book by Ian Fleming; the sixth of his James Bond series

Businesses and organizations[edit]

  • Neos (airline), an Italian leisure airline (IATA airline designator code NO)
  • Aus-Air, a defunct Australian regional airline (former IATA airline designator code NO)
  • National Offensive, a German neo-Nazi party


Science and technology[edit]

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