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No Agenda
No Agenda album art
Hosted byAdam Curry and John C. Dvorak
GenreComedy, Political Talk
UpdatesSunday and Thursday
No. of episodes1,599 (as of October 15, 2023)
Original releaseOctober 26, 2007
LicenseCC-BY 3.0

No Agenda is a podcast hosted by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak that is recorded twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays at 11 a.m. Pacific Time.[1] The show is primarily focused on mainstream media deconstruction.

The show has no advertisers and instead subsists entirely on donations. There are no guidelines for the amount and frequency of contributions; instead, these are left to the discretion of the listener, a model called "value for value" by the show's hosts.[2] The show also relies on its listeners—dubbed "producers"—to provide artwork[3] and audio clips.

In July 2016, the show won the Podcast Award for Best Podcast in the category "News & Politics."[4] In September 2013, the show was nominated for Podcast Awards in two categories, "People's Choice" and "Politics / News".[5] Talkers Magazine featured the podcast in their "Frontier Fifty", an alphabetically sorted list containing a "Selection of Outstanding Talk Media Webcasters".[6]

In December 2009, the show announced they had reached 450,000 listeners.[7] During an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience in July 2021, Curry stated that No Agenda has 1–1.4 million listeners per episode.[8]

A primer has been produced for newer listeners, both as an introduction and a discussion of the show.[9]


No Agenda debuted in October 2007.[10][11] Its premise was that the co-founder (Curry) and then vice-president (Dvorak) of mevio (until Oct. 2012) would have an unfiltered dialogue. The impetus for starting the show, according to Curry, was a 4-minute phone call made to Dvorak saying that they "should do a show together." Little thought was given to what the show would be about, in fact only the name was agreed upon before the first show was recorded.[citation needed]

The original tagline of No Agenda was that it would be the show with "no sponsors, jingles, and of course no agenda." The show's only sound effect came during the closing minute, where the jazz song On the Seventh Day by the Marriott Jazz Quintet played as the hosts signed off. Topics included the news of the day, restaurant reviews, and family.[citation needed]

The show gradually moved in the direction of news and political commentary. Jingles have been introduced, and have evolved into catch phrases. The show discusses current news and conspiracy theories, with the hosts discussing topics in response to their belief that the mainstream media glosses over what they see as the real facts. Celebrity gossip and other soft news stories are brought up for ironic effect, with the one that has garnered the most attention often being named "Distraction of the week".[citation needed]

The podcast does not accept advertising and is supported by the listeners to prevent conflicts of interest. Through this direct listener-supported model, those that contribute amounts above a predetermined level are referred to as executive producers.[2]

No Agenda was named to Talkers Magazine's Frontier Fifty list for 2011, a list of 'Outstanding Media Webcasters.'[6]

The show received five out of five microphones in review published by Podcast Magazine.[12]

No Agenda Social[edit]

No Agenda Social served as the flagship social media platform for the show until early 2024 when it was closed down.[13] A goal of this platform was to avoid the censorship, restrictions, and rules found on many "Big Tech" social media platforms.[14] It ran Mastodon software and was connected to a network of distributed social media platforms known as the Fediverse.[15]

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