No Daylights... Nor Heel Taps

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No Daylights... Nor Heeltaps
Studio album by Skyclad
Released March 2002
Genre Folk metal
Label Demolition Records
Producer Kevin Ridley
Skyclad chronology
No Daylights... Nor Heeltaps
A Semblance of Normality
(2004)A Semblance of Normality2004

No Daylights... Nor Heeltaps is the eleventh studio album by British folk metal band Skyclad and the band's first recording to feature Kevin Ridley as the main vocalist. It is described as an "Irish Pub Album" with semi-acoustic versions of older Skyclad classics. Some versions feature a bonus CD with five extra songs.

There was some controversy raised over this release by former front-man Martin Walkyier and his fans because he was not credited in the booklet for writing the lyrics. Although nothing much arose from this affair, the band has not yet released any more re-recordings, instead focusing on new material written entirely by the current line-up.

Track listing[edit]

Standard Edition 'Fine Ales'
No. Title Length
1. "Penny Dreadful" 2:57
2. "Inequality Street" 4:01
3. "Spinning Jenny" 2:46
4. "The Cry of the Land" 4:30
5. "Another Fine Mess" 3:54
6. "Sins of Emission" 4:46
7. "The Widdershins Jig" 3:11
8. "History Lessens" 3:58
9. "Land of the Rising Slum" 2:54
10. "Single Phial" 4:55
Total length: 37:42
Bonus CD 'Guest Ales'
No. Title Length
1. "No Deposit, No Return" 4:44
2. "A Great Blow for a Day Job" 4:15
3. "No Strings Attached" 4:58
4. "Building a Ruin" 3:46
5. "Loco-Commotion" 3:03
Total length: 20:42