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No Format!
Founded 2004
Founder Laurent Bizot
Country of origin France
Location Paris
Official website

No Format! is an independent record label based in Paris founded in 2004 by Laurent Bizot, joined in 2007 by Thibaut Mullings.

The label seeks to invest in original musical projects, be them instrumental or vocal, and has built up a catalogue of 22 works since its inception. Among them, the duets between artists with a traditional west African musical background and artists more familiar with western traditions[1] (Chamber Music by Ballaké Sissoko and Vincent Segal), but also albums by singer-songwriters (Chocolate Genius, Inc., Mélissa Laveaux or Solo Piano by Chilly Gonzales[2] to name a few). In 2016 No Format! was recognised as one of Europe's most inspiring young label and was selected by IMPALA and The Independent Echo for the FIVEUNDERFIFTEEN campaign.[3]



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