No Good Gofers

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No Good Gofers
No Good Gofers (pinball).jpg
ManufacturerWMS Industries
Release dateDecember 1997
SystemWilliams WPC-95
DesignPat Lawlor, Louis Koziarz
ProgrammingLouis Koziarz
ArtworkJohn Youssi
MusicVince Pontarelli
SoundVince Pontarelli
Production run2,711

No Good Gofers is a Williams pinball machine released in December 1997. It was Pat Lawlor's final design for Williams before their eventual closing in 1999.[1]


The game revolves around Buzz and Bud, two gophers who are wreaking havoc on any and all golfers playing on their "turf". The gofers "pop-up" during gameplay to taunt the player, as well as provide entry ways to locks.

No Good Gofers also has a "slam-ramp" feature which if used correctly, will award the player a "hole-in-one" shot. Performing this is tricky, as the ball must travel off the ramp, into the air, and into a very small hole located on the game's upper playfield. The "hole-in-one" shot is often called one of the greatest shots in pinball history.

The game uses the DCS Sound System.

Cast of Characters[edit]

  • Buzz
  • Bud
  • Big Spinners
  • TNT
  • Light Lock
  • Wheel Award
  • Player's Choice
  • Bad Shot
  • Lite Outlanes
  • Pop-a-Gofer
  • Light Extra Ball
  • Extra Ball
  • Multiball
  • Cart Attack
  • Lite Kickback
  • Lite Q Jackpot
  • Hole in One
  • Gofer Attack!
  • Free Lock
  • Warp
  • Speed Golf
  • Lite Ripoff
  • Range Award
  • Driving Range
  • Jackpot
  • Super Jackpot
  • 100,000
  • Sand Trap
  • Golf Cart
  • Left Ramp
  • Right Ramp
  • Super Jets
  • Captive Ball
  • Kickback
  • Short Circuit
  • Flipper Skill Shot
  • Bonus Multiplier
  • Cart Path
  • Special
  • 1,000,000
  • Video Mode
  • Double Skill
  • Super Drive
  • Turtle Wax
  • Dance Party
  • Big Points
  • Grand Champion
  • Hole in One Champion

Game quotes[edit]

  • "Get off our lawn, clubfoot"
  • "This must be embarrassing for you..."
  • "Go pound some sand!"
  • "We're your worst nightmare!"
  • "[Ball drains] Hole in one! Oops, wrong hole!"
  • "Its like playing tiddlywinks with grenades!"
  • "Head it for the celler! Wrong game idiot!"
  • "Bud: "Everybody, head underground now!" Buzz: "Now you're really in the wrong game!"
  • "If balls were meant to fly, they'd have wings!"
  • "You're On Our Turf Now!"
  • "Bud: "Now, head for the cellar!" Buzz: "You're in the wrong game, idiot!"
  • "Buzz: Don't hit me, hit Bud! Bud: Hey, don't hit me! Hit Buzz!"
  • "Today the gold course, tomorrow the parking lot!"
  • "You hit your own cart!"
  • "JACKPOT!!!!!...not!"

Digital versions[edit]

No Good Gofers is a playable licensed table in The Pinball Arcade for several platforms and also included in the Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection.

After Zen Studios acquired the license for Williams pinball table recreations from FarSight Studios (resulting in the table being removed from The Pinball Arcade in the summer of 2018), the table was made available as an add-on for Pinball FX 3 and is available to unlock in the Williams Pinball mobile app for iOS and Android as part of the fifth wave of Zen Studios' curation of Williams tables.

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