No Introduction Necessary

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No Introduction Necessary
No Introduction.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedLate 1968[1]
RecordedLate 1967[2]
StudioOlympic Studios, London
GenreRhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, Rockabilly
Length41:39 (original edition)
44:10 (14-track edition)
1:01:33 (deluxe edition)
Thunderbolt (reissue)
ProducerReg Tracey
Jimmy Page chronology
Little Games
No Introduction Necessary
Led Zeppelin
No Introduction Necessary
No Introduction Necessary
Voodoo Blues

No Introduction Necessary is a "super session" studio album. Initially it was conceived as debut album by Keith De Groot (aka Gerry Temple), a new singer discovered by producer Reg Tracey. It featured Albert Lee and Big Jim Sullivan on guitars, John Paul Jones on bass, Nicky Hopkins on keyboards, Chris Hughes on saxophone and Clem Cattini on drums. The sessions took place at Olympic Studios in London. Nine songs had been completed when neither Lee nor Sullivan were going to be able to take part in next booked session. Tracey called Jimmy Page (who had already worked on Beck's Bolero with Jones and Hopkins) for the last round of recordings. Page's participation likely took place in either September or December 1967 during breaks from touring with the Yardbirds.

Eventually Tracey decided that De Groot had been sidelined by the talent of session musicians. However, they were famous enough only on the session circuit, not to the average man in the street, so the album did little and soon was deleted. A year or so later, the album may have been able to take advantage of the Led Zeppelin boom, but it wasn't re-released for years. As of today there are many reissues with different titles, some of them have alternative track order and bonus tracks:

  • Super Rock (French and Belgian LP, 1975)
  • Everything I Do Is Wrong (1993)
  • Voodoo Blues (1995)
  • Todo Lo Que Hago Está Mal (Argentina, 1996)
  • Lovin' Up a Storm (1996, 2000)
  • Playin' Up a Storm (2011)
  • Who Rocks It Better? (2012)

The album consists mostly of cover versions of songs by Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly and other rock & roll artists of the era as well as several original cuts composed by Keith De Groot and Nicky Hopkins.

Track listing[edit]

1."Lovin' Up a Storm"Jerry Lee Lewis2:10
2."Everything I Do Is Wrong"Charlie Rich2:52
3."Think It Over"Buddy Holly, Norman Petty, Jerry Allison2:31
4."Boll Weevil Rock" (aka Boll Weevil Song)Eddie Cochran2:06
5."Livin' Lovin' Wreck"Lewis2:11
6."One Long Kiss"Keith De Groot, Nicky Hopkins9:46
7."Dixie Fried"Carl Perkins2:23
8."Down the Line"Roy Orbison2:19
9."Fabulous"Steve Lawrence2:23
11."Rave On"Holly2:06
12."Lonely Weekend"Rich2:23
13."Burn Up"Hopkins5:48
14."Everyday" (bonus track)Holly2:32

2002 Purple Pyramid bonus tracks[edit]

The following tracks are from another album featuring Jimmy Page and Nicky Hopkins – Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends:

15."Wailing Sounds"Jimmy Page, Screaming Lord Sutch2:38
16."'Cause I Love You"John Bonham, Daniel Edwards, Page, Sutch2:46
17."Flashing Lights"Page, Sutch3:14
18."Thumping Beat"Page, Sutch3:07
19."Union Jack Car"Page, Sutch3:03
20."Baby Come Back"Page, Sutch2:31

2012 "Who Rocks It Better?" track listing[edit]

Tracks were reordered on this vinyl edition with bonus CD. Tracks 1 to 6 (side A of vinyl) feature Jimmy Page, and tracks 7 to 14 (side B of vinyl) feature Albert Lee and Big Jim Sullivan on guitar.

1."Burn Up"Hopkins5:48
2."Everything I Do Is Wrong"Charlie Rich2:52
3."Think It Over"Buddy Holly, Norman Petty, Jerry Allison2:31
4."Dixie Fried"Carl Perkins2:23
5."Fabulous"Steve Lawrence2:23
6."Lonely Weekends"Rich2:23
7."Boll Weevil Song"Eddie Cochran2:06
8."Rave On"Holly2:06
9."One Long Kiss"Keith De Groot, Nicky Hopkins9:46
10."Lovin' Up a Storm"Jerry Lee Lewis2:10
11."Livin' Lovin' Wreck"Lewis2:11
12."Down the Line"Roy Orbison2:19
14."Everyday" (bonus track)Holly2:32



For bonus tracks 15–20 see Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends

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