No Man's Law

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No Man's Law
Directed by Fred Jackman
Produced by Jesse J. Goldburg
Written by Frank Butler
F. Richard Jones
Starring Rex the Wonder Horse
Oliver Hardy
Cinematography Floyd Jackman
George Stevens
Release date
  • May 1, 1927 (1927-05-01)
Country United States
Language Silent

No Man's Law is a 1927 American silent comedy film starring Rex the Wonder Horse and featuring Oliver Hardy as a lustful villain.



  • The film includes a scene featuring Barbara Kent appearing to swim in the nude, but actually wearing a flesh-colored moleskin bathing suit.[1]
  • The original working title of the film was The Avenging Stallion.[2][3]
  • Filming took place on Hal Roach's Big Horn Ranch in Nevada.[2]
  • Prints of the film exist.[4]

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