No More Dying Then

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No More Dying Then
First edition (UK)
Author Ruth Rendell
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Inspector Wexford #6
Genre Crime, Mystery novel
Publisher Hutchinson (UK)
The Crime Club (US)
Publication date
4 October 1971
Media type Print (hardback & paperback)
ISBN 0-09-108150-5
OCLC 15523997
Preceded by A Guilty Thing Surprised
Followed by Murder Being Once Done

No More Dying Then is a novel by the British crime-writer Ruth Rendell. It was first published in 1971, and is the sixth title in her popular Inspector Wexford series. The Independent Mystery Booksellers Association listed the book as one of its 100 Favourite Crime Novels of the Century.

Plot summary[edit]

On a stormy February afternoon, little Stella Rivers disappears and is never seen again. Then, on a warm October day, five-year-old John Lawrence fails to come home, and evil, mad, taunting letters begin, which make the worst, unspoken imaginings a brutal reality.