No Name Harbor (Key Biscayne)

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No Name Harbor is a natural harbor on Key Biscayne, Florida. It is located within the boundaries of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. In the 19th century, the site served as a food-rich rookery for herons, egrets, and other species of wildlife.[1] Originally, the site was privately owned prior to the creation of the state park.[2] Several development plans indicated the land was slated for the construction of condominiums and residential homes.[2] The surrounding land was cleared for development in the 1950s,[1] and charts identified the body of water as "No Name Harbor".[2] The plans failed, and the harbor's name was retained.[2]


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Coordinates: 25°40′36″N 80°09′46″W / 25.6767692°N 80.1628249°W / 25.6767692; -80.1628249