No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference

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No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference
Cover for book collection of Greta Thunberg's speeches "No One is Too Small to Make a Difference"
Cover of the book
AuthorGreta Thunberg
GenreCollection of speeches
Published30 May 2019 (2019-05-30)[1]
Preceded byScenes from the Heart 
Greta Thunberg at a school strike for climate in Berlin (29 March 2019).

No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference is a 2019 book by climate activist Greta Thunberg. It consists of a collection of eleven speeches which she has written and presented about global warming and climate change.[1][2][3] Thunberg has presented the speeches in front of the UN, the EU, the World Economic Forum and during demonstrations and protests.[1][4][5] One of her most famous speeches which appears in the book, is "Our House Is on Fire".[6][7][8]


  1. Our Lives Are in Your Hands
    (Climate March, Stockholm, 8 September 2018)
  2. Almost Everything Is Black and White
    (Declaration of Rebellion, Extinction Rebellion, Parliament Square, London, 31 October 2018)
  3. Unpopular
    (United Nations Climate Change Conference, Katowice, Poland, 15 December 2018)
  4. Prove Me Wrong
    (World Economic Forum, Davos, 22 January 2019)
  5. Our House Is on Fire
    (World Economic Forum, Davos, 25 January 2019)
  6. I'm Too Young to Do This
    (Facebook, Stockholm, 2 February 2019)
  7. You're Acting Like Spoiled, Irresponsible Children
    (European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels, 21 February 2019)
  8. A Strange World
    (Goldene Kamera Film and TV Awards, Berlin, 30 March 2019)
  9. Cathedral Thinking
    (European Parliament, Strasbourg, 16 April 2019)
  10. Together We Are Making a Difference
    (Extinction Rebellion Rally, Marble Arch, London, 23 April 2019)
  11. Can You Hear Me?
    (Houses of Parliament, London, 23 April 2019)

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