No Place Like Earth

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No Place Like Earth
First edition
AuthorJohn Wyndham
Cover artistAllen Koszowski
CountryUnited States
GenreScience fiction
PublisherDarkside Press
Publication date
Media typePrint ()

No Place Like Earth (ISBN 978-0-9740589-0-0) is a collection of science fiction short stories by British writer John Wyndham, published in July 2003 by Darkside Press.


The collection contains the following short stories:

  • "Derelict of Space" (first published in Wanderers of Time)
  • "Time to Rest" (also available in The Seeds of Time)
  • "No Place Like Earth" (first published in Exiles on Asperus)
  • "In Outer Space There Shone a Star"
  • "But a Kind of a Ghost"
  • "The Cathedral Crypt"
  • "A Life Postponed"
  • "Technical Slip" (previously published in Jizzle)
  • "Una" (first published in Jizzle)
  • "It's a Wise Child"
  • "Pillar to Post" (first published in The Seeds of Time)
  • "The Stare"
  • "Time Stops Today"
  • "The Meddler"
  • "Blackmoil"
  • "A Long Spoon" (first published in Consider Her Ways and Others)

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There is a compilation of short science fiction stories published under the same title: John Carnell's No Place like Earth: A Science Fiction Anthology' (1954). It contains one story by John Wyndham.

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