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No Remorse
Origin London, England
Genres Rock,
White power music
Years active 1986–1996
Labels Rebelles Européens,
Rock-O-Rama Records,
Nordland Records,
Resistance Records
Members Nigel Brown
Paul Burnley

No Remorse were an English Rock Against Communism (RAC) band led by singer Paul Bellany (son of Scottish artist John Bellany), aka Paul Burnley.

The band formed in the mid ’80s. The initial line-up included Mark Vince on guitar and Stewart Baile (also known as Stew) on drums. This line-up was short-lived – however, they did record a demo. The band re-formed in November 1986, after Vince met Burnley at a Skrewdriver concert in Surrey in October 1986. At the time Burnley compiled the skinhead fanzine The Truth At Last and had previously fronted the Oi! band Public Enemy (who had an LP released on Rock-O-Rama Records). Burnley's elder brother John (who also used the pseudonym Burnley) was already a bandmember, as their drummer.

The re-formed line-up was completed with Archie from Northern Ireland on bass and Baile from Essex on drums.[1]

Their debut album, This Time The World, was released in 1988, and later that year the band recorded See you in Valhalla after changing record label from Rebelles Européens to Rock-O-Rama Records. In 1989 they recorded the albums The New Stormtroopers and Blood Against Gold. Their album Blood Against Gold was released in 1990, and for the first time, No Remorse performed in North America; first in Ottawa, Canada, and then at Aryan Fest in Oklahoma, USA. In 1991 Australian musician Nigel Brown (formerly of RAC band White Lightning) joined the band.

In 1992 they accompanied the Swedish RAC band Dirlewanger at a festival in Brandenburg, Germany. In September they travelled to California, USA with Dirlewanger, where they performed together and recorded the album Desert Storm. The band recorded Farewell Ian Stuart in April 1994, and they signed for to Movement Records and Nordland Records. They recorded the album Under The Gods for Nordland Records, and Movement Records released Skinhead Army. Later that year, they performed at A Tribute to Ian Stuart in Racine, Wisconsin, USA accompanied by Bound for Glory, Centurion, RaHoWa and Berserkr. Following the concert, Joe Rowan, singer of Nordic Thunder, was murdered at a gas station.

In 1995, Nordland Records released Under The Gods, and Resistance Records released The Best of No Remorse. Movement Records encountered economic troubles and sold the rights to European Skinhead Army to Nordland. The Winning Hand (the renamed version of European Skinhead Army) was released in 1996.


  • Paul Burnley (vocals), Sean Heywood (guitar), Mark Vince (guitar), Archie (bass), Stewart Baile (drums).

This line-up recorded their first two LPs; This Time The World (released in 1988) and Smash The Reds! (released in 1989). Heywood was the guitarist on Brutal Attack’s second LP As The Drum Beats.

  • Paul Burnley (vocals), Mark Vince (guitar), Gary Smith (bass), Rob (drums)

This line-up recorded the LPs The New Storm Troopers, See You In Valhalla (both released in 1989) and Blood Against Gold (released in 1991). Smith had played bass with punk band Decadent Few for nine months in 1984 and played a dozen gigs with them. He was kicked out of Decadent Few due to his involvement with sinister (nazi) bands.[2] Following Decadent Few Smith joined anarcho punk band Tom’s Midnight Garden[3] and then While Angels Watch[4] followed by Sol Invictus (Smith was the bass player on Sol Invictus’ debut LP Against The Modern World). Rob played drums in Stormbringer (Paul Burnley was the singer) who contributed two tracks to the Gods of War Volume 4 compilation LP. He has played drums in RAC band Legion of Saint George for over 10 years, and has helped out English Rose and Kill Baby Kill.[5]

  • Daniel Jack aka Jacko (vocals), William James Browning (guitar), Gary Smith (bass), Jean-Charles Tanzi (drums)

This line-up recorded one LP; Barbecue In Rostock (released in 1996). Tanzi played drums in RAC band Chingford Attack at the same time as playing in No Remorse.[6] Browning is currently the guitarist and vocalist in heavy metal band No Remorse No Retreat and runs the label Iron Age Records.[7][8]


In 1998 Leighton Gareth Jones was sentenced to six months' imprisonment for producing the No Remorse CD Barbecue in Rostock after Searchlight forced the CD manufacturers into calling in the police.[9]

In July 2006 Jersey Customs officers intercepted a package of 100 No Remorse CDs sent from Poland. The albums, entitled Deutschland, contained inflammatory racist and anti-Semitic lyrics.[10] William Browning and Jon Denny-Mallen were both accused of one charge of conspiracy to distribute material with intent to stir up racial hatred between 1 January and 13 July 2006 by importing the CDs from Poland into Jersey. They both denied the offence. In November 2009 Denny-Mallen was acquitted by a jury at Southwark Crown Court. The jury failed to reach a verdict in the case against Browning.[11]


Official Productions[edit]

Image Labels
1987 Demo Own production MC
This Time The World ??? Demo MC
1988 This Time The World Rebelles Européens LP RE 33 04 88
1989 Blood against gold LP ROR
See you in Valhalla / Take what's ours Street Rock`N`Roll 7" EP single SR 008
Son of Odin / Daily news Street Rock`N`Roll 7" EP single SR 009
The New Stormtroopers / No more brother's war Street Rock`N`Roll 7" single EP SR 020
See you in Valhalla RAC Records LP RAC 5 - UK
Smash The Reds Rebelles Européens 7" single RE 45 12 89
The New Storm Troopers RAC Records LP RAC 8 - UK
Time Will Tell Rebelles Européens 7" single RE 45 11 89
Blood Against Gold RAC Records LP RAC 9 - UK
1990 We Rise Again / Fate dictator Street Rock'n'Roll 7" single SR 032
1991 Blood Against Gold Rock-O-Rama Records CD RCD 118
1992 Demo 92 ??? MC
This Time The World Rebelles Européens CD RE CD 04 92
1994 Farewell Ian Stuart, A Tribute By No Remorse Motstånd 88 / Nordland Records miniCD CD003 - Sweden
Under the gods Nordland Records CD 88CD013
Under the gods Nordland Records CD 88CD006
1995 Best of No Remorse Resistance Records CD CNR-002A - USA
1998 Heroes Never Die Destiny Records CD DSR 0811 - Germany
1999 Rare Remorse Midgard Records CD MIDCD013 - Sweden
2000 This land is ours Nordland Records CD NORCD 001 - Germany
2001 Shadow of Death Nordland Records CD NORCD 001 - Germany
2002 See You In Valhalla No Remorse Records CD
2006 Deutschland ISD Records CD ISD05
???? The New Storm Troopers No Remorse Records CD NRCD03
Farewell Ian Stuart White is Back Records LP
Son Of Odin Bootleg Nordland Records NO 1 - Germany


1995 This time the world Last Resort Records CD Sweden - bootleg
2012 No Remorse - Rarities Blood & Honour USA Records bootleg
???? Son Of Odin Bootboy Records ???? bootleg

Live Albums[edit]

1987 Live London RAC 27.08.87
2000 No Remorse & Svastika - We play for you Midgard Records CD
???? Live at Aryan Fest 1990 Oklahoma, USA.


1992 No Remorse & Dirlewanger - Desert Storm Rebelles Européens LP RE 33 40 92
1993 No Remorse & Buldok - First strike (Live) Bohemia Hammer Skinheads MC
1994 No Remorse & Svastika - We play for you (Live) Nordland Records CD 88CD004 - Sweden
1996 No Remorse & Division S – Live in Brandenburg 1992 NS Records CD CD20 - Germany
???? No Remorse & Freikorps - Live 1994 / Live 1987-1992 ??? CD

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