No Right to Die – Chinggis Khaan

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No right to die - Chinggis Khaan
Uhej ul bolno.jpg
Directed by L Erdenebulgan
Written by S Jargalsaikhan
Starring Tsegmedin Tumurbaatar
P Tserendagva
N Suvd
B Jargalsaikhan
I Odonchimeg
Gombo Zolboot
Release date
  • August 13, 2008 (2008-08-13)
Country Mongolia
Language Mongolian

No Right to Die – Chinggis Khaan (Mongolian: Үхэж үл болно, Чингис Хаан) is a 2008 film directed by L Erdenebulgan based on the life of Temüjin, the young Genghis Khan and his unification of Mongolia, previously consisting of warring and minor kingdoms. The film is one of the largest budgeted films produced in Mongolia.

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